Digital Thermostats

Digital Thermostat

Monitor temperature effectively and precisely

A digital thermostat, equipped with a thermistor, helps monitor temperatures in your home. 

Digital thermostats help you accurately monitor the temperature in your home so you're able to heat or cool your home efficiently. 

Prior to digital thermostats, analog thermostats existed. and you manually rotated the dial to within a certain temperature range. 

Technology has since improved and because of their innovative thermistor, temperatures are read more accurately helping keep your home more comfortable. Temperature ranges usually fluctuate between one degree in either direction as opposed to several degrees that can leave you adjusting your thermostat all day. 


How AprilAire Digital Thermostats Can Help Monitor Temperature

The AprilAire Digital Thermostat offers basic functions in quality digital control. It works with standard heating and cooling systems. All digital thermostats are equipped with a 5-year warranty. 

But the standard is not just standard with AprilAire's digital thermostats. With a backlit display and soft-touch keys, you can easily find the right temperature for your home. 

There's also a simultaneous display of room temperature, temperature setting, and outdoor temperature, in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

In addition, AprilAire's digital thermostat can provide you service reminders for your HVAC system and other whole-home products to help protect your investment. 

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