Aprilaire Home Automation Thermostat with IAQ Control - Model 8830

Monitoring and controlling your indoor air quality is a breeze with the use of an Aprilaire 8830 Home Automation Thermostat. 

With features like automatic humidifier and dehumidifier control, automatic air cleaning, and temperature control, an 8830 will ensure that the air in your home is clean, fresh, and comfortable for you and your family.

Our Wi-Fi enabled home automation thermostats make it easy to control indoor air quality anywhere and anytime, all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Reduce your energy costs with the push of a button without sacrificing comfort. Experience the health benefits of proper indoor air quality by installing an 8830 today


The Aprilaire Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat with ​IAQ Control:

  • Genuine Aprilaire Programmable Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Aprilaire 8830 Home Automation Thermostat gives you complete control over your indoor air quality
  • Compatible with most major home automation systems.
  • Large 4.5" diagonal LCD touchscreen display
  • Complete Home Comfort Control – Temperature, Humidity, Air Cleaning, Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Remote monitor and control capabilities with the Aprilaire Wifi Thermostat App on iOS and Android


Control All Aspect of Indoor Air Quality with the Aprilaire Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat with ​IAQ Control

The Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat works with any heating and cooling system and is installed by a local HVAC professional. When paired with Aprilaire whole‐home air quality solutions, the intuitive Model 8830 Thermostat gives you total control of your comfort.

  • Control Humidity: The Model 8830 Thermostat automatically controls your Aprilaire humidification system and dehumidification system and provides confirmation that proper humidification is taking place.
  • Control Air Purity: The Model 8830 Thermostat controls your Aprilaire air purifier, allowing you to manage air purity when you need it with Event‐Based™ Air Cleaning, and provides easy‐to‐read confirmation that your air is being cleaned based on your preferences.
  • Control Fresh Air: The Model 8830 Thermostat controls your Aprilaire ventilation system, providing fresh air automatically or when it is needed, and confirms when fresh air is being provided.
  • Control Temperature: The programmable Model 8830 Thermostat controls heating and cooling equipment to maintain comfort while saving energy and provides immediate comfort from the cold with the Heat Blast®.

Event‐Based™ Air Cleaning

When paired with an Aprilaire whole‐home air purifier, the Aprilaire Model 8830 Thermostat allows you to clean your home's air on your terms with Event‐Based™ Air Cleaning. This is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers and for times when your air is more contaminated than usual—for example, when pollen counts are high or you're churning up dust when vacuuming. 

Event‐Based Air Cleaning includes four options for purifying your air: Constant Clean runs 24/7, Automatic runs for a minimum of 30 minutes every hour, Event Clean runs for three hours, and Allergy runs for 24 hours and then returns to the most recent mode.

Energy Savings, Comfort and Convenience

The Aprilaire Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat is easy to program and helps you save money on energy costs by allowing you to set back the temperature during the night or when you're away. Multiple hold options maximize comfort and energy savings:

  • Vacation hold
  • Custom‐timed hold
  • Permanent hold
  • Temporary hold

Digital Touchscreen Control

The Aprilaire Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat has a large 10.3 square‐inch touchscreen, featuring an exclusive message center that makes programming and setup effortless. It provides real‐language instructions and information—no codes to remember, no manual to reference. The Model 8830 also tells you exactly what your equipment is doing.

Energy Savings

You control when and how your heating and cooling systems work - saving you time and money.

Total Air Control

With leading technology, Aprilaire thermostats are digital and provide laser-like accuracy.

Mobile Access

Have control and easy access so your indoor air quality (IAQ) is just a click away.