AprilAire Thermostat - Model 8600

Comfort and control are just a touch away with the AprilAire Model 8600 touchscreen thermostat. It has the precision temperature accuracy and effortless programmability you need to achieve total comfort—and it's simple to use.

The AprilAire Model 8600 Thermostat offers:

  • Energy savings: Set back the temperature overnight and when you're away.
  • Progressive recovery: This feature ensures your home is always at your desired temperature by activating the heating and cooling equipment prior to a scheduled setting. 
  • The AprilAire Model 8600 Thermostat is a programmable thermostat offering simple and convenient functions in a quality digital touchscreen control. It works with any heating and cooling system and is installed by a local HVAC professional. 

Features & Benefits

The AprilAire Model 8600 Thermostat is easy to program and helps you save money on energy costs by allowing you to set back the temperature during the night or when you're away. Multiple hold options maximize comfort and energy savings:

  • Vacation hold
  • Custom-timed hold
  • Permanent hold
  • Temporary hold

Other operational features include:

  • Progressive recovery ensures your home is always at your desired temperature by activating the heating and cooling equipment prior to a scheduled setting.
  • Service reminders for your HVAC system, humidifier, dehumidifier, and air filter protect your equipment and ensure the longevity of your investment.
  • Circulate fan mode helps you prevent hot and cold spots and maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. Also keeps your air cleaner.
  • Programmable fan delivers better indoor air quality when combined with an AprilAire Whole-Home Air Purifier.
  • Copy function allows for quick and easy programming.
  • 7-day programming allows for separate programming for each day.
  • Real-time clock automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.
  • Permanent memory maintains programming, time, and date during a power outage.
  • 5-year warranty 

Other touchscreen features include:

  • Large font size
  • Bright backlight Outdoor temperature display (with optional 8052 sensor)
  • Full or limited touchscreen lockout prevents unauthorized changes

The AprilAire Model 8600 Thermostat has a large 10.3 square-inch touchscreen, featuring an exclusive message center that makes programming and setup effortless. It provides real-language instructions and information—no codes to remember, no manual to reference. The Model 8600 also tells you exactly what your equipment is doing.

Energy Savings

You control when and how your heating and cooling systems work - saving you time and money.

Total Air Control

With leading technology, Aprilaire thermostats are digital and provide laser-like accuracy.

Mobile Access

Have control and easy access so your indoor air quality (IAQ) is just a click away.

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