pure fit promise

Pure Fit Promise

The AprilAire Pure Fit Promise

AprilAire Air Filters are second-to-none at improving Indoor Air Quality and supporting family wellness. With the AprilAire Pure Fit Promise, we guarantee that your AprilAire Air Filter was made to fit perfectly inside your AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier.

Below are the components of your AprilAire Air Filter's Pure Fit Promise:

Self-Seal™ Technology
Our patented Self-Seal Technology reduces bypass, meaning that particulates that may be harmful to your family's health or HVAC system are captured by the Air Filter instead of getting through gaps. This improves filter performance and provides superior Indoor Air Quality.

Interlock Rail System
The AprilAire Interlock Rail System allows your high-performance air filter to work without assembly or reinforcements. Simply unbox, expand, and insert your new air filter into your AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier.

Clean-Coil Commitment
Not only do our air filters ensure healthy air, they also help protect your HVAC equipment against dirt and dust buildup which can hinder performance. Should your new indoor air conditioner coil require professional cleaning within its first 10 years of use, AprilAire will pay $100 toward a cleaning by an HVAC contractor.*


*Applies to new air conditioner units with an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier installed no more than 6 months after air conditioner installation. Unit must be properly maintained with air filters being changed according to recommended service schedule.





Genuine AprilAire

The Pure Fit Promise guarantees the filter was designed to fit your AprilAire equipment perfectly, delivering Healthy Air for your whole home.


Better Performance

Patented AprilAire Self-Seal Technology ensures that air passes through your filter — not around it — delivering clean air throughout your home.



Easy to Install

The unique AprilAire Interlock Rail System requires no assembly or cardboard or metal reinforcements so you can install with ease.




Clean-Coil Commitment

If your air conditioner coil requires a cleaning in the 10 years following your purchase, we will pay $100 toward a professional cleaning.



Replacement Filters Come With a Pure Fit Promise

Replace your air filter every 6 months to 1 year, or as recommended by your HVAC contractor. When you purchase a genuine AprilAire Replacement Air Filter, you know you're getting a perfect fit.

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