Houseplants and Your Health

Contrary to popular belief, studies show that indoor plants don’t actually clean your air...but they do offer a handful of other benefits. So, if you’re looking to purify the air in your Healthy Home, opt for an actual air purifier. As for houseplants, a multitude of other benefits. 

Benefits of Houseplants

  • Increase Productivity and Concentration
  • Brighten Up Your Space
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Boost Mood


Even though scientists have recently discovered that indoor plants don’t actually impact your Indoor Air Quality, there are still many benefits to owning houseplants. Filling your home with plants can instantly boost your mood. Not only do they brighten up your space, but they also need care, which keeps you busy and focused elsewhere. Plus, houseplants can actually increase your concentration and productivity by up to 15%, while some specific types of houseplants can promote better sleep.


Dos & Don'ts


populate your office with plants

Since plants are known to help increase your concentration and productivity, they make great office mates. Plus, they dress up your space with a boost of happiness to help get you through the day.


rely on plants for purification

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again if you’re looking to purify your home’s indoor air, investing in a whole-home or room air purifier with the right air filters is the only way to ensure your home is being filled with Healthy Air.


buy plants you like to look at

Many people will try and recommend plants to buy for your home based on their alleged purifying nature. But, since we’ve learned they don’t really help purify the air, focus on populating your home with plants you like to look at and enjoy glancing over to throughout the day.


rely on plants for humidification

There’s been a lot of chatter regarding whether or not indoor plants help with humidification in your home. Studies show that, in order to reap those benefits (even a little bit), you’d need thousands and thousands of plants lining every inch of your home. For the best results, invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep your family healthy while at home.


purify your air by eliminating your exposure to VOCs

A good way to clean the air in your home is by eliminating your exposure to VOCs. Whether you do that by focusing on low or non-VOC cleaning products/paints/etc. or by purifying your air with an air purifier, getting rid of VOCs in your space is an overall win for your health.


The scientific literature shows that indoor houseplants—as would typically be implemented in a person’s home—do very little to clean the air.

Elliott Gall, Portland State University Professor


Stick to air purifiers and filters to clean the air in your home. As for the houseplants, use them as mood boosters, stress relievers, and productivity promoters. Let the pros handle the Healthy Air in your home.

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