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Top Indoor Plants for Winter to Freshen Up Your Home’s Air

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Ready to hunker down for the winter? Don’t forget about those green members of your household. Indoor plants are perfect for wintertime. They help freshen up the stuffy air, bring some color to your surroundings, and studies show that they can improve your mood, which is especially relevant during the dreary winter months.

When deciding what indoor plants are right for your home, consider a few things:

1. Find something that’s hardy and able to make it through colder months without much sunlight
2. Choose plant types that are safe and non-toxic for pets and children
3. Don’t be scared of plants that need a little pruning or managing. Having something to care for is a great way to beat the winter blues!

Top 5 Indoor Plants for Winter

Spider Plant

This probably won’t be the only spider you see in your house this winter, but it’s definitely the least creepy.

It requires only moderate amounts of water and indirect sunlight, so it has a good chance at making it through the winter.

Plus, it’s non-toxic! A good thing, since kids and pets may be intrigued by the unique look and feel.


Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe in the soothing smells of lavender all winter long?

Buy several pre-potted lavender plants and place them throughout your house. They don’t want much water in the winter, so not much care is needed. Just put them in a porous pot material like clay to avoid damp soil and root rot.

Palm Tree

If you dream of your snowbird future, spending the cold months in the sunny tropics, this is the plant for you.

Try out a pygmy date palm or bamboo palm. They do require some pruning as they grow, but that’s the perfect project for staying active indoors all winter long. Also, keep them in warm areas of the home, not too close to drafty windows.


So you’re more into Arizona than Florida, that’s ok. Plant the seed for your future free from blustery winds and snowy sidewalks with a few cacti around the house.

There are so many varieties available, and most require very little water and maintenance. Try out a mini cactus in a terrarium to keep away curious fingers and snouts.

Rubber Plant

Nothing bounces back quite like a rubber plant.

These hardy plants keep their large green leaves without much water and marginal sunlight. Give them a little water when the soil gets dry, and they’ll be alright throughout the winter and ready to thrive when summer arrives.

In the warm summer months, rubber plants can grow quite tall. You may need to trim them to keep them manageable, and that gives you a great opportunity to propagate the rubber tree for sharing with family and friends. It can be simple to do and makes for a great winter activity.

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