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Top-5 Man Cave Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Space Clean and Fresh

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The hallowed Man Cave—where men of all ages go to forget about the responsibilities of adulthood and act like carefree boys once again. But all that fun and “guy stuff” can create a smelly, cluttered mess that needs to be cleaned up. Below we have our top-5 Man Cave cleaning tips.

Things don’t need to be “white glove” clean, but keeping the smells in check and the clutter to a minimum can make sure your Man Cave privileges remain in good standing. Controlling the climate in your Man Cave helps protect the structural integrity of your home and your big-boy toys, like pool tables and home theaters. Here are some basic maintenance ideas that will keep your territory habitable and protected.

Top-5 Man Cave Cleaning Tips

1. Keep the Space Organized

This is the easy one. Take out all those empty boxes, cans, and food containers that have been piling up forever. This makes a world of difference for stopping odors, keeping your space organized, and preventing pests.

2. Prioritize Your Things

Do you really need those box scores from your high school baseball games? Or the set of collectible plastic cups (that you’ve used) from the ‘80s? Yes, you do need those things? OK, then you need to get rid of something else, like that third TV that doesn’t actually work but you’re planning on fixing up someday. Clear the clutter!

3. Clear Out the Dust

Having cobwebs in the corners of your Man Cave might make you think a certain superhero has been hanging out with you and your buds. But, come on. You know those are from regular spiders and they’re not your friends. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean out the corners of the room, spruce up any furniture you’ve got, and manage dust that’s accumulated.

4. Add A Portable Air Purifier

All that sweat you and your jamming buddies produce might smell like rock ‘n’ roll during your set, but afterward, it can seriously harsh your relaxing time. Keep a couple of oil diffusers (candles aren’t great for confined space) in your Man Cave. A nice pine or warm clove scent will do the trick. Or use a portable air purifier to help capture odors.

5. Add a Whole-House Dehumidifier

Most Man Caves are relegated to the forgotten spaces of the home, like the basement or the garage. While that’s good for privacy, these spaces often have issues with humidity control, which can lead to a number of annoying headaches. High humidity can worsen odors, damage electronics, and wooden furniture, and make it difficult to cool down your Man Cave. Just like in the rest of your house, it’s important to control humidity consistently and efficiently, both for your comfort and for the longevity of your living spaces.

Make sure you have a humidity system that can keep up with the demands of man cave climate control. Keep in mind that a small, portable dehumidifier might not cut it, plus it can be noisy and a pain to take care of. You may need something more manly, like a whole-home dehumidifier, that works within the existing ventilation system. It’ll keep your Man Cave clean and comfortable.

To get a whole-home dehumidifier installed in your house, contact a local Healthy Air Professional.

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