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Basement Flooding Cleanup with A High-Capacity Dehumidifier

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Crawlspace or basement flooding can occur any time of year. Snowmelt and thawing groundwater can lead to flooding in the cooler months. Heavy rains can cause problems in the summer. Regardless of the cause, basement flooding cleanup presents serious structural and health risks to you and your family.

When you walk downstairs and find you’ve had a flood, your first priority will be removing the standing water. However, even when standing water is gone, the problems associated with wet basements and crawlspaces don’t go away. Damp conditions can lead to mold, mildew, and even insect infestations.

Structural damage as a result of a flooded basement is also a major headache for homeowners. Not only do you have to pay to have the water removed, but you then have to deal with costly home repairs. In some instances, you may even have to replace longstanding family heirlooms, clothes, or other appliances. Additionally, standing water is an electrical hazard during basement flooding cleanup.

Basement Flooding Cleanup with A High-Capacity Dehumidifier

AprilAire high-capacity dehumidifiers more completely and efficiently fight damp conditions due to flooding in the basement or because of high summer humidity. If you do have a flooded basement, contact an AprilAire Healthy Waterproofing Pro to help with basement flooding cleanup. Contact a Healthy Waterproofing Pro today.

A Healthy Air Waterproofing Pro from AprilAire may install a vapor barrier in your basement to keep water seepage out. The barrier covers your entire basement and provides another layer of protection against flooded basements. Even with the vapor barrier, you will still need a dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture in the air.