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Healthy Home Blueprint: Living With Indoor Plants

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Are you all about plants for the house? Indoor plants are a great way to create an inviting, yet vibrant, home—but can they actually help you in your quest toward making a Healthy Home? 

Plants for the house offer a wealth of benefits—but Healthy Air isn’t one of them. “The scientific literature shows that indoor houseplants—as would typically be implemented in a person’s home—do very little to clean the air,” suggests Portland State University Professor Elliot Gall. Contrary to popular belief, indoor plants don’t clear the air inside our homes! That’s what AprilAire whole-house air filtration is for.  

The Benefits of Indoor Plants 

Just because your plants for the house aren’t helping cultivate a Healthy Home environment doesn’t mean they don’t offer a wealth of other benefits, including: 

  • Boosted Mood 
  • Brighter Space 
  • Better Concentration and Focus 
  • Reduced Stress 

In fact, studies show that indoor plants can help increase your overall concentration and productivity by up to 15%—now that’s a benefit we can all enjoy! 

Healthy Home Dos & Don’ts 

Make the most of plants for the house by following these important tips! 

DO: Populate your Healthy Home with indoor plants 

Whether you’re looking to improve your concentration or just brighten up your space with some greenery, there are truly no downsides to investing in plants for the house 

DON’T: Rely on indoor plants for better Indoor Air Quality 

Plants for the house don’t make a Healthy Home—Healthy Air does! To improve the air in your home, opt for AprilAire whole-house air filtration solutions, like AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers and Air Filters. 

DO: Seek out other ways to clear your air 

Eliminating harmful airborne contaminants from your Healthy Home is as easy as paying attention to the products and items you’re bringing into your space. Do what you can to reduce your family’s exposure to harmful VOCs that lurk in cleaning products, carpeting, and more. It’ll also help protect your indoor plants! 

DON’T: Forget about humidity control 

Plants for the house aren’t recommended for air filtration—and we don’t recommend relying on your indoor plants for humidity control either. From fostering mold growth to creating an environment not suited for plant survival, unbalanced humidity levels not only harms your health but the health of your indoor plants, too. For optimal humidity control, use AprilAire Whole-House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers! 

Final Thoughts 

Indoor plants offer a wealth of benefits, but we shouldn’t rely on plants for the house to improve our Indoor Air Quality! Let the experts at AprilAire help you on your quest toward creating a Healthy Home environment. 

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