AprilAire Ventilation System - Model 8144NC

The AprilAire Model 8144NC Ventilation System efficiently delivers the correct amount of outside air to multi-family buildings. 

To get the 8144 installed in your home, use Find A Pro to find a contractor in your area. 

8144NC Ventilation System Features

  • Energy-efficient way to add fresh air in your home or apartment
  • 5-year warranty and requires semi-annual maintenance

8144NC Standards

When installed, meets the following standards:

Removes Pollutants

AprilAire whole-house ventilation removes particles common in most homes to reduce mold, bacteria, pollen, harmful chemicals, and other VOCs.

Ventilate and Save Energy

You can save energy through the use of AprilAire thermostat’s convenient set-back programming.

Reduces Humidity

Manage house humidity with AprilAire whole-house ventilation to create the comfort you expect in your home all year.

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