Quiet Dehumidifier

Quiet Dehumidifier

To remedy your home's excess humidity, choose a quiet dehumidifier. While excess humidity presents plenty of problems, a noisy dehumidifier is not the solution. Your day should not be interrupted by the sound of your dehumidifier operating. 

With updates in technology, you should be able to control your home's humidity conveniently and quietly. 

A quiet dehumidifier is installed away from your living space and makes smooth adjustments to keep your home's humidity properly balanced. 


How a Quiet Dehumidifier From AprilAire Can Help

An AprilAire dehumidifier is installed away from your home's living space. This helps keep your home's sound and humidity properly balanced. 

For example, an AprilAire dehumidifier is about as quiet as a normal conversation or background music with decibels topping out just under 60. 

In addition, an AprilAire dehumidifier includes humidity sensors that turn on when the humidity in your home gets too high. This is just one of the many included features of a quiet dehumidifier from AprilAire. 

Others include corrosion-resistant coils, simple maintenance, and a five-year warranty. 

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