Aprilaire Air Purifier - Model 1910

The 1910 comes with a MERV 11 electrostatic filter, but can also take a MERV 13 replacement at the expense of slightly higher static pressure on the HVAC system. It has a blue/gray plastic door and an unpainted galvanized steel housing.


Model 1910 features:

 •Protects your HVAC system and offers superior filtration performance to 1" filters

•25" x 20" nominal size


•Easy installation

 •Comes with a 910 filter
 •Removes most common allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and mold
 •Guaranteed with Pure Fit Promise, Self-Seal Technology, Clean Coil Commitment & Interlocking Rails
 •Comes with a 910 filter and can accept a 913 filter
* Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.

Removes Pollutants

Aprilaire air purifiers trap damaging particles common in most homes to reduce mold, bacteria, pollen, asthma and allergy triggers, pet dander, and viruses.

Protects Your Home

Keep your HVAC system working more efficiently, minimizing repair costs and extending service life.

Identifies Climate Conditions

Manage your air purifier with a simple-to-use control that's conveniently located in your living space.

Model 1910 Parts


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Aprilaire 410 Clean Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers, MERV 11, For Dust


Aprilaire 413 Healthy Home Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers, MERV 13, for Most Common Allergens


Aprilaire 413CBN Odor Reduction Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers, MERV 13, for Odors and Most Common Allergens


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