Whole-Home Thermostat

A whole-home thermostat can help you manage your Indoor Air Quality products. You can adjust the temperature, alter humidity, increase air filtration, and even control your whole home using your voice or smartphone.

Whole-Home Thermostat with Complete Control:

    • Control Humidity
    • Air Purity
    • Fresh Air
    • Heating & Cooling

    A programmable whole-home thermostat with Wi-Fi like the AprilAire 8920W gives you more control. Alter or set your home's temperature, humidity, whole-home air purification, and fresh air ventilation by toggling between each whole-home product on your programmable Wi-Fi thermostat touchscreen. 

    You may also want to look into additional features like voice assistant connectivity so you can adjust your home's Indoor Air Quality without lifting a finger. In addition, you can download the AprilAire Wi-Fi thermostat to access your thermostat's features from anywhere. 

    Dos & Don'ts


    adjust your thermostat a few degrees

    air purifiersAccording to a study, fluctuating indoor temperatures slightly outside your comfort zone – mildly cold and warm environments – increase metabolism, which can help prevent obesity or type 2 diabetes. We’re not saying you shouldn’t feel comfortable in your own home. Instead, consider sacrificing a few degrees for the sake of health. You’ll also save money on energy costs in the long run.


    be afraid to lower the thermostat

    In our bodies, each of us stores a specific type of fat called Brown Fat. When this type of fat is activated by cold, it produces more heat than any other tissue in the body by burning calories. This doesn’t mean you need to freeze in order to shed any extra weight – a cool 70° or below should suffice. This could even help you save money on energy costs in the wintertime


    lower the temperature at night

    For a better night’s sleep, consider programming your thermostat. Your thermal environment can impact your sleep quality


    neglect any additional HVAC functions

    A whole-home air purifier can help eliminate the vast majority of indoor air pollutants accumulating in your home. A whole-home humidifier in the winter, as well as a dehumidifier in the summer, can help you maintain ideal humidity between 40% and 60% year-round, which contributes to a wealth of wellness benefits. Programming your thermostat to be able to handle these functions for you can help you and your family maintain your Healthy Home for the long haul.


    The indoor climate is an important environmental factor to address in order to create a healthy living environment.”

    Healthy excursions outside
    the thermal comfort zone


    Your programmable whole-home thermostat with Wi-Fi is the brain of your Healthy Home. Without a healthy, fully functional brain to operate and adjust all the various HVAC systems, your healthy home simply won’t perform effectively. With the myriad of features available on the AprilAire programmable Wi-Fi thermostat, you can help your Healthy Home perform at its peak.

    To get an 8920W installed in your home, contact a local Find a Healthy Air Pro. 

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