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Ventilation Solutions for All Climate Zones

Industry-leading and cost-effective fresh air delivery solutions for all of your homes. The introduction of outside air has become one of the most talked-about and challenging aspects of the modern home builder. The need to meet building codes that are equally strict on energy efficiency as they are on fresh air can seem almost counter-intuitive. How do you deliver fresh air into the homes you build without sacrificing energy goals? The answer is with products from that AprilAire that were built with the building community and their unique challenges in mind. Proper ventilation must account for much more than just airflow requirements.

Smarter Ventilation Control

AprilAire Ventilation control strategies manage ventilated air based on its temperature and relative humidity. In all applications, the air is delivered to ASHRAE Standards 62.2-2010 ventilation requirements and 2.8 CFM/watt fan efficacy.

Summer and Winter Ventilation





Ventilation Climate Zones

Managing the quality of ventilated air delivered into the home is critical to providing a healthy indoor environment. The requirements change significantly based on climate. AprilAire ventilation solutions work with the HVAC equipment to remove moisture, harmful particulates and other contaminants such as VOCs. It’s critical to use intelligent ventilation controls and application guidance to properly ventilate rather than relying on exhaust ventilation which simply pulls air through walls.

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