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Summer Weather: What’s In Store For Your Region?

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Warmer weather is on the way, and as we all spend more time outdoors, AprilAire wants to make sure you and your family are breathing the best air possible. We have a guide below to provide you with what’s in store for region.

Increasing temperatures can bring extreme weather to every area of the United States during the summer. While the initial concerns with things like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding involve personal safety and protecting property, these events can also lead to worsened air quality concerns that can linger in your area.

AprilAire made an easy-to-use tool to keep you on top of air quality in your region this summer. Check out State of Your Air, and start by typing in your ZIP code for personalized results. You’ll find important information on what to expect in your area and AprilAire Indoor Air Quality solutions that you can rely on to create Healthy Air in your home.

What`s Impacting Your Air Quality?

Dive into the different elements affecting the air your breathe and learn the best ways to improve your home`s air quality.

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Below are some of the extreme summer weather events that will arrive in different regions of the country this summer.

What’s In Store For Your Region: Summer Weather

Western States


With wildfires becoming more prevalent, smoky skies are nearly an annual event in many western states. During times of heavy smoke, it’s important to keep windows closed and in-home ventilation systems turned off to protect your Indoor Air Quality. AprilAire whole-home air purifiers and MERV 16 filters can remove fine particles that enter your home during wildfires.



Having a tornado preparedness plan in place, along with listening to any instructions from local authorities, can help keep you and your family safe during a tornado. Once the storm subsides, use your AprilAire ventilation system, along with an AprilAire whole-home air purifier and MERV 16 air filter, to reduce indoor air pollution. Check for any water damage in your home–especially the basement and crawl space–and use an AprilAire dehumidifier to bring your indoor humidity between 40-60% to prevent mold growth.

Coastal Areas


Though typically short-lived events, hurricanes can have lasting effects on your air quality once the storm ends. Floodwaters and damage from high-speed winds and rain can lead to excess moisture, leaving behind the potential for mold growth. During cleanup, AprilAire dehumidifiers can help remove moisture from inside your home, limiting mold’s ability to grow and protecting the air you breathe. AprilAire whole-home air purifiers and proper ventilation can help capture and remove mold spores and other indoor particles like dust, pollen, and viruses that may have been kicked up by high winds.

Coastal Flooding

Floodwaters can negatively impact the air in your home. Floodwaters can carry mold, bacteria, and other chemicals that can make your indoor air unsafe. Even after cleanup, the air may contain harmful substances like carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos, and chemicals from the cleaning products you’re using.

Summer Weather 2021: All Regions


Ground-level ozone (known as smog) is created by power plants, chemical plants, refineries, automobiles, and trains. It tends to sit in heavily populated cities and can lead to various health risks with extended exposure.


It can be difficult to keep outdoor allergens from entering your home, especially when things like pollen and ragweed are high during the hot summer months. While it’s almost impossible to control your exposure to outdoor allergens, you can suppress your exposure when indoors. AprilAire whole-home air purifiers trap up to 99%* of airborne contaminants, including asthma and allergy triggers, to increase your Indoor Air Quality.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.

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