How to Make Your House A Center of Coziness, Joy, Comfort, and Health

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How to Make Your House A Center of Coziness, Joy, Comfort, and Health

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Time for a deep breath. It’s been over a year since we began spending most of our time at home. Home is now where we work, learn, play, exercise, relax, and simply be. More than ever, it’s become our safe haven, a protective space from the outside world, allowing us to remain healthy at home.

Here are 5 simple ways to add a little more calm, a little more joy, and a little more freshness into our homes right now.

How to Make Your House A Center of Coziness

1. Set some boundaries

With the home now being a multi-use space by all members of the family, it’s helpful for everyone to designate spaces for office work, schooling, and decompressing. We all need some time off – being able to leave the day behind and unwind in a quiet zone can benefit the whole family.

2. Cut the clutter

The stuff of everyday living can really pile up, especially when our homes are doing triple or quadruple duty. According to the Mayo Clinic, clutter can lead to more stress and anxiety. In fact, when people describe their spaces as “disorganized,” they’re more likely to have higher levels of cortisol, the hormone related to stress response. Setting aside just 15 minutes at the end of each day to declutter can help calm your mind and relax your body.

3. Let there be (the right) light

The right lighting at the right time can impact your productivity and mood. A bright, well-lit workspace will boost motivation and alertness, while warm, low lighting creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. Now is a good time to assess your lighting to enhance your space and meet your family’s needs. Be especially mindful of the blue light emitted from cell phones, tablets, TVs, and gaming systems, as overexposure at night can disrupt sleep cycles.

4. Grow some green

Houseplants have become quite the trending pandemic topic as many of us fill our homes with flora! On the flip side, there’s plenty of research supporting their positive effects on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, from lifting your mood and increasing concentration to creating a more peaceful environment by absorbing sounds.

5. Breathe Healthy Clean Air

Maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality is an important way to protect your family and your home. Removing airborne viruses and contaminants from the air can not only reduce illnesses and allergies – but it can also increase overall wellness, promote better sleep, lower stress levels, and improve mental health.

Keep your home a safe haven with products specifically designed to deliver Healthy Clean Air, like AprilAire fresh air ventilation, air filtration, and air purification systems. They’ll help your family breathe easier and give you peace of mind. Contact one of our local AprilAire Healthy Air Pros today to get started.

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