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Reduce Symptoms of Dog Allergies with An Air Purifier

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Symptoms of Dog Allergies Aren’t Man’s Best Friend

No matter how loyal, obedient and friendly; a man’s best friend isn’t always fun to be around. For animal lovers with dog allergies, the painful symptoms may be enough to keep them from owning their own pet. In other homes, visitors or select members of the family may find themselves very uncomfortable because of their dog allergies. Reduce symptoms from dog allergies with an air purifier so you love your animal unconditionally.

The EPA has named poor indoor air quality (IAQ) as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. This is not surprising when you consider that Americans spend the vast majority of their time indoors. And thanks to Fido’s dander and numerous other forms of particulate matter, your home’s air may be up to 100 times more polluted than that outside. The three most important methods for reducing symptoms of dog allergies are source removal, increased ventilation and air purification. Since source removal spells bad news for the family pet, people with asthma or dog allergies should focus on ventilation and purification.

Dog Allergies With Whole-Home Solutions

The best way to reduce the symptoms of dog allergies is to remove air pollutants with an air purifier.  An AprilAire air purifier is 40 times more efficient than a furnace filter alone. Ventilation systems ensure that stale, polluted air doesn’t remain inside.

To learn how you can keep pet allergies under control without saying goodbye to a beloved member of the family, contact an AprilAire Healthy Air dealer. Or buy a room air purifier with 4-stage filtration.

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