Summer Pests That Thrive in Moisture and How To Prevent Them

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Summer Pests That Thrive in Moisture and How To Prevent Them

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When it comes to a love of humidity, humans and pests are on opposite ends of the spectrum. While we tend to despise air that is thick with heat and water vapor, most bugs actually thrive in it and need it to live. Unfortunately, this means that the impending summer humidity in certain parts of the country is about to bring out these summer pests that thrive in moisture.

Summer Pests That Thrive In Moisture


The German cockroach is the most common roach species infesting our homes in North America. They are attracted to warm and humid places, making your kitchen and the water heater in the basement their most frequented hideaways.


These small, wingless insects are nocturnal and need to keep their bodies moist at all times in order to survive. You are likely to find them beneath boxes or furniture in your basement, in the shower, or hiding in your kitchen.


Carnivorous and nocturnal, with their 100 feet, these pests can move quickly and spend most of the day hiding in humid, secluded places. They are highly attracted to the moist, humid parts of the home because they need to rehydrate constantly in order to live.


Known to burrow into topsoil outside, these nocturnal bugs can also infiltrate dark and humid areas of your home. You are most likely to find them around floor drains, bathrooms, or under rugs or furniture.

Roly-Poly Bugs

Also known as pill bugs, sow bugs, potato bugs, or armadillo bugs, these bugs often infest damp basements.

Tips to Prevent/Eliminate Summer Pests:

Get Whole-House Humidity Control to Control Summer Pests

Contact a local Healthy Air Professional to get a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space or basement. Simply put in your zip code, click the waterproofing box, and find the dealer that fits your needs.