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What Influenza & Guinea Pigs Can Tell Us About Fresh Air Ventilation

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This pandemic has been a learning experience for all of us. One of the most highly debated areas among scientists is how exactly SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted. Does it spread on surfaces? Does it travel through the air? Does it need to be inhaled in close range of an infected person? A study of influenza and guinea pigs helps us understand the spread of airborne viruses and the importance of fresh air ventilation.

Influenza and Guinea Pigs

An article published in the Nature Communications journal might hold some answers to these questions. While this study analyzed how the influenza virus spreads among guinea pigs, it reveals new ways in which all viruses are capable of being transmitted from one organism (including humans) to another.

The study showed that microscopic dust particles can act just like moisture droplets and serve as vehicles for viruses, carrying them through the air from one host to another. This presents another aspect to consider when it comes to containing COVID-19 transmission and points to the danger of spending time in compact areas with contaminant-filled air and little ventilation.

Rather than instilling more fear and anxiety, influenza and guinea pigs study allows us to take the right precautions and be smarter when it comes to the air we’re breathing.

One of the first places we can focus on breathing Healthy Air is in our own homes. Whether you’re looking to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, protect against viruses, or bring Healthy Air into your home, regular cleaning and an AprilAire Healthy Air System® can help keep your family safe and healthy.

AprilAire Healthy Air System®

The system is made up of three award-winning components that help fill your home with Healthy Air:

Fresh Air Ventilation

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than the air outside. With an AprilAire whole-home ventilation system, you can let that dirty air out and bring fresh, clean air in. This helps dilute and remove contaminants such as airborne viruses, mold spores, and allergens so you can breathe easy at home.

Air Filtration

As you bring in fresh air, it’s important to purify it, too. An AprilAire whole-home air purifier can decrease stagnant air in your home and minimize your family’s risk of allergy symptoms, asthma triggers, and long-term respiratory irritants. When paired with our air filters, a purification system can capture up to 99%* of airborne particles the size of viruses and reduce other contaminants that may be lingering in your home’s air.

Humidity Control

Balanced humidity complements fresh air ventilation and air filtration, greatly contributing to your overall health. Keeping your home’s humidity between 40% and 60% can minimize virus survival rates in addition to helping keep your home protected from the impact of dry or moisture-riddled air.

An AprilAire dehumidifierwhich is perfect for use during the more humid days of the yearcan protect your house from the dangers of high humidity by stifling mold growth, decreasing allergens such as dust mites, and preserving the furniture and foundation of your home.

An AprilAire humidifier helps combat dry air, and not only keeps your home feeling warmer in the winter, but also helps lower the survival rates of virus-sized particles that may linger in our air during those colder months.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.

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