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Healthy Home Blueprint: The AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier

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No matter whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, it’s likely that the air inside your home is filled with dust, mold, and allergens. Installing an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier helps decrease stagnant indoor air pollution, minimizing allergy symptoms and asthma triggers. 

AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier Benefits 

One cubic foot of indoor air contains more than 30 million pollutants—that’s up to five times more than the air outside. In addition, just one ounce of dust can contain around 40,000 dust mites. Dust can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, which is why it’s important to clear the air with AprilAire.  

In fact, according to the EPA, “understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.” 

With AprilAire, you can reduce the prevalence of these common pollutants in your home’s air: 

    • Pet Dander 
    • Mold Spores 
    • Gases, Chemicals, and Smoke 
    • Miscellaneous Air Particles 
    • Viruses 
    • Airborne Allergens


With an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier, you can capture up to 99.9%* of asthma and allergy triggers, as well as capture 98%* of airborne viruses, and help relieve your Healthy Home 

Healthy Home Do’s and Don’ts 

Your guide to fighting back against the invisible intruders harming your home and your family. 

DON’T: Use products that produce ozone 

Ozone is a colorless, unstable toxic gas that, according to the EPA, can cause lung damage and compromise the body’s ability to fight respiratory infections. Strongly consider installing a system that doesn’t produce ozone, like an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier.  

DO: Tailor to your family’s needs 

Some solutions can be scheduled, automated, or even adjusted to specifically target and purify airborne allergens. With AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers, you can benefit from intuitive event-based cleaning, so your family can enjoy Healthy Air no matter the state of your environment. 

DON’T: Set and forget  

Help your AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier perform efficiently! Maximize Indoor Air Quality by replacing your AprilAire Air Filter regularly, vacuuming and dusting often, minimizing indoor smoke, limiting candle use, and maximizing airflow. 

DO: Take control of your home 

Easily control your Indoor Air Quality from your smartphone whether at home or on the go with an AprilAire Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat and the AprilAire Healthy Air App. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people aren’t aware of the copious amounts of dust, mold, and allergens in their homes! Converting your home into a Healthy Home means filtering these indoor pollutants out of your family’s air. An AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier is the best course of action you can take to ensure your family is breathing Healthy Air, pure and simple. 

Find an AprilAire Healthy Air Professional

Start your Healthy Air journey with one of the 4,500 pros nationwide so you can fill your home with fresh, clean air.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system using an AprilAire MERV 16 Air Filter 

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Establish a Healthy Home with AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals that care. We have over 4,500 pros nationwide who are ready to help you find the best Healthy Air solutions for your home, no matter what your needs may be. Start your journey with AprilAire.

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