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Moms Use AprilAire Products To Keep Kids Healthy During The Winter

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Every year, moms and dads everywhere know that when winter hits – so does the endless cycle of colds, coughs, and flu. We asked some partner moms about health tips they use to keep their family healthy during the winter months.
But guess what? You can do something about that, and no it doesn’t involve keeping your kids in a plastic bubble.
We feel pretty confident that our products are the bee’s knees, but we wanted to put it to the test. We wanted to find out – does having a whole home humidifier or air purifier really make a difference in how often your family gets sick?

Health tips from moms

Kris and the McDonald family reported tons of health benefits and improvements, not just in winter, but all year long!
Dani Marie is a former RN and mom of littles – she counts having a humidifier as one of the main ways to keep your family healthy during winter months!
Michele’s family had a massive reduction in indoor allergy symptoms, which is a huge plus when you’re spending tons of time indoors!
Clarissa loved having an air purifier running to help control pet hair and allergens, which build up when you cannot open windows to clear the air!

To read more about keeping your family well this winter, click here.

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