Maintain Wellness

Humidifiers give your family’s immune system a fighting chance against dry air.

Save Energy

Keep your family happy at lower temperatures this winter.

Protect Your Home

Proper humidity protects wood floors and furniture from dry-air damage.

Experts Agree

Maintain proper humidity levels; enjoy a healthier home.

Healthy Home

Does the Cold Make You Sick?
Here Are 5 Conditions Escalated by Winter Air

Does the cold make you sick? It’s a common question people tend to ask whenever winter rears its ugly head. The answer? Yes – kind of. While the cold weather itself may have something to do with your family’s health…

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Does the cold make you sick
Save on Energy this Winter

Healthy Home

Here’s Why It’s Actually Really Easy to Save on Energy in Winter

The woes of winter heating costs are upon us. Save on energy this winter with a simple, tried and true solution: The trusty humidifier. It sounds a little farfetched, sure. How can you possibly save energy if you’re running…

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Healthy Home

Ask Nurse Kate: Shedding Light on Winter Wellness

What’s the best way to maintain winter wellness? Curb the effects of dry winter air, of course. Dry winter air can have a profound affect on your family’s health. Achieving proper humidity levels in your home should help prevent irritating winter conditions such as...

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Ask Nurse Kate - Shedding Light on Winter Wellness

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