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FAQs: Get to Know the Best Dehumidifier for Whole Homes

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Have questions about your AprilAire Dehumidifier? These are some of the most common inquiries we receive, but if you require additional assistance or information about the best dehumidifier, please reach out to our talented and knowledgeable customer support team!

Which AprilAire Dehumidifier do I need for my home?

For the best dehumidifier performance, it’s important to consider the following size recommendations.

Best Dehumidifier for Crawl Spaces

Best Dehumidifier for Small Home/Basement

Best Dehumidifiers for Whole Home/Basement



E100 or E130

Good for up to 2,800 sq. ft.*

Removes 70 pints/day

Good for up to 3,800 sq. ft.

Removes 80 pints/day

E100: Good for up to 5,200 sq. ft.; Removes 100 pints/day

E130: Good for up to 7,200 sq. ft.; Removes 130 pints/day

*The maximum square footage associated with the E070 pertains to just the area of a crawl space, not the whole home. 


Our AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals can also help you find the right AprilAire Dehumidifier for your home based on your region’s humidity levels.

Does my AprilAire Dehumidifier come with a drain hose?

The following AprilAire Dehumidifiers include a 10-foot drain hose: E070T, E080CS, E100C, E100CS, E130C, E100CZ, E100D, E100T, and E130CZ. Please contact your local Healthy Air Professional to learn more about which model is right for you.

Can I run my AprilAire Dehumidifier in the winter?

You may, if the air temperature reads 50° or higher. Otherwise, you may receive an E8 error code.

What does E8 mean on my unit’s display?

E8 is the only display code a homeowner can remedy without the help of an AprilAire Healthy Air Professional.

If you see E8 on your unit’s display, it means that the incoming air conditions are out of range in order for dehumidification to occur, but this error is self-correcting! If the incoming air temperature is lower than 50°F or higher than 140°F, or the dew point is below 40°F, the E8 code will appear. Once incoming air is within the recommended range, your unit will resume normal operation.

How often should I change my AprilAire Dehumidifier Filter?

To ensure your AprilAire Dehumidifier runs efficiently, your AprilAire Dehumidifier Filter needs to be cleaned (note: Replacement is not needed) at least every six months after initial installation. So you don’t forget, a ‘CLEAN FILTER’ service reminder will appear on your unit’s display every six months as a reminder.

AprilAire Dehumidifier Filter Cleaning Procedure

  • Turn ON/OFF switch on unit to OFF
  • From either side of the AprilAire Dehumidifier, remove the filter access door
  • Slide the filter out of the unit
  • Flush the filter with warm water and a mild detergent solution
  • Shake off any excess water from the filter before placing cleaned filter back into the unit, ensuring the filter is secured in both the top and bottom rails
  • Replace the filter access door
  • Turn ON/OFF switch on unit to ON
  • Press UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds to clear display

If your AprilAire Dehumidifier Filter is damaged, you can purchase a replacement on our website.

I received a display code, what does that mean?

When your AprilAire Dehumidifier displays a code, it has stopped working. To remedy, contact your local Healthy Air Professional for assistance. Learn about what some common display codes mean below:

E2 Code, Defined

An E2 code indicates a high refrigeration temperature. There are several reasons one might receive an E2 code, but high refrigeration temperature is often a result of poor airflow through the dehumidifier unit. This could be a result of a dirty filter, restricted air ducts, or fan-related mechanical issues. To remedy, reach out to your local Pro.

E3 Code, Defined

An E3 code means that your AprilAire Dehumidifier has been configured to search for wall-mounted dehumidifier control but it cannot be located. A local Pro can help remedy the issue by fixing the setting or making your Model 76 reachable.

E4 Code, Defined

An E4 code means your AprilAire Dehumidifier is having difficulty reaching its desired setpoint. To clear, turn off the power to your dehumidifier using the ON/OFF switch located near the unit’s power cord entrance. You can also unplug the dehumidifier to remedy. If your problem persists, chat with your local Pro for additional solutions.

E7 Code, Defined

An E7 code means that the float switch safety is reading a fault mode. Check the float switch connection at the control board to resolve.

If not using a float switch, verify the jumper is between float switch terminals on your unit control board. For assistance, reach out to your local Pro.

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