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3 Climate-Related Reasons You Need Healthy Air This Fall

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What’s the State of Your Air this fall? Let’s take a look! Depending on where you reside in the nation, your air quality (indoors and outdoors) could be impacted by unplanned weather-related events, like drought, flooding, or poor air quality from nearby city smog or local wildfires.

As we fall into autumn, there are three climate-related reasons you need Healthy Air distinct air quality inhibitors that we think about depending on where we live. Keep reading to find out what you should be on the lookout for this season and how you can protect your home and family from the residual effects outdoor air can have on your Indoor Air Quality.

The State of East Coast Air in Fall 2022

For four season lovers on the East Coast, fall ushers in orange-red leaves, pumpkin patches, warm apple cider, and you guessed it, the potential for hurricanes. While living on or by the water is a huge plus for East Coasters, hurricane season leaves less to be desired. Because hurricanes can affect areas more than 100 miles inland, this weather event poses a threat to your family’s and home’s safety, no matter how far off the coast you reside.

For many, resulting air quality issues are often forgotten in the aftermath. Although hurricanes tend to be brief, yet disruptive, they can leave a lasting effect on your air quality once the storm rolls by. Plus, floodwaters and damage from high-speed winds and rain can lead to excess moisture in the air, leaving behind the potential for unwanted mold growth indoors.

Hurricane Season: What to Expect in 2022

With this research in mind, it’s safe to say that East Coasters should prepare for an above-normal hurricane season. How can you ensure that you and your family are protected through the season’s end in November? Equip your home with the necessary AprilAire Healthy Air solutions now for better Indoor Air Quality year-round—no matter what weather event is passing through your region.

Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

To keep your indoor air healthy throughout hurricane season, you’ll need to opt for a whole-home, award-winning solution: the AprilAire Healthy Air System®! Each of the components of the AprilAire Healthy Air System® are crucial to filling your home with Healthy Air and protecting your family from the aftermath of a hurricane, including the residual air quality concerns that can trickle in from outside.

Here’s how each award-winning component helps your family Breathe the Fullness of Life at home during hurricane season and beyond:

  • AprilAire fresh air ventilation and air filtration work together to help capture and remove mold spores and other indoor particulates like dust, pollen, and viruses.
  • By controlling your humidity with an AprilAire dehumidifier, you can help remove moisture from inside your home, limiting mold’s ability to grow. Balancing your home’s humidity within our Healthy Humidity Zone (between 40–60%) will help keep your family protected from mildew, airborne viruses, and home damage like wood warp.

The State of West Coast Air in Fall 2022

Fall for West Coasters looks a little different. While the air may (in a typical season) cool slightly, making way for activities like hiking, autumn and its weather concerns can leave you on the edge of your seat.

No matter how far you are from the source of a wildfire, the threat of smoke-filled skies, property damage, and health concerns can stir up feelings of worry throughout your community. Wildfire burns create excessive amounts of smoke, polluting the air outdoors for miles. And since wildfires travel quickly, smoke can enter your home at a moment’s notice, impacting the health of you and your family and potentially creating long-term respiratory issues. Even if you are able to evacuate, there will still be lingering smoke in your indoor air after it’s been deemed safe to return.

Wildfire Season: What to Expect in 2022

You guessed it—this wildfire season is also predicted to be above-average, and we have the climate crisis to thank for that. With most of the nation currently experiencing droughts and higher temperatures, experts predict wildfire season could last longer than normal.

Of the wildfire news we’ve heard so far this year, one story highlights the poor impact these burns have on our air quality no matter how close or far you live from the source.

Wildfire Season: Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

When the air quality outside your door is threatened, it’s important to keep windows closed and turn off in-home ventilation systems to protect the air inside your home. With the addition of an AprilAire whole-home air purifier and MERV 16 air filter, you can remove fine particles from your air, ensuring you’re Breathing the Fullness of Life with Healthy Air. AprilAire MERV 16 filters can remove up to 99%* of allergy and asthma triggers, including smoke, pollen, mold, and more. As a bonus, these filters also capture 98%* of airborne viruses.

The State of Fall Allergies in 2022

Yes, allergies come back around in the fall and after a pretty pollen-filled spring season, we don’t have much relief to look forward to this time around. And, with air pollution playing a critical role in triggering allergy symptoms, all regions of the nation will be impacted. Are you a fall allergy sufferer? Here’s what you need to know this year.

The spring allergy season usually sets the tone for fall. If there’s too much rain in the spring, it could lead to mold growth that forces your symptoms to last throughout the fall. Another common trigger of fall allergies? Ragweed! Ragweed pollen can trigger your sneezes, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, certain climate factors could contribute to your symptom severity, including high heat and humidity that causes mold growth and warm winds that cause pollen counts to surge.

While it’s almost impossible to control your exposure to outdoor allergens, you can suppress your exposure when indoors, thanks to AprilAire whole-home Indoor Air Quality solutions.

Fall Allergy Season: Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

With an AprilAire whole-home air purifier, you can trap up to 99%* of airborne contaminants, including those that trigger your allergy and asthma symptoms! To combat the mold growth that comes as cause for concern during the fall, an AprilAire dehumidifier will keep your home within our Healthy Humidity Zone (between 40–60%) to ensure your home feels comfortable and is protected from mold, mildew, and even airborne viruses.

Breathe the Fullness of Life with Heathy Clean Air

From coast to coast, AprilAire has you covered with over 4,500 Healthy Air Heroes nationwide. Find a pro in your area today to discover how fresh air ventilation, air filtration, and humidity control solutions from AprilAire can help protect your home and family from outdoor air pollutants and natural disasters this fall.

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To learn more about what could impact your air this season and beyond, check out the State of Your Air tool.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.

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