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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Healthy Home Edition

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Healthy Home Edition

The world has celebrated Father’s Day for hundreds years. But instead of getting your dad his one hundredth #1 Dad coffee mug or two hundredth tacky tie, why not try something he’ll really love? Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide and get dad something he will actually enjoy this year!

Home renovations, well-kept lawns, and beautiful landscaping. Things that your dad can gaze at with his hands on his hips, admiring a job well done. 2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

And beyond looking nice, it’s important to dad to keep a healthy home that his family can play, relax, and thrive in.

Here’s a list of the latest tools and toys to help him achieve a healthy home he can be proud of:

Gardening and Landscaping Tools

Whether it’s grading landscaping away from the house to protect the basement from moisture, or installing solar powered lights to cut down on electric bills, dad will love these outdoor gifts that he can put to work right away:
Long Handled Shovel
Hand Rake
Gardening Knife
Hand Pruner
Hedge Trimmer
Solar Power Sensored Lights
LED Solar Spotlight
Noise Blocking Earmuffs
Electric Gutter Cleaner

Climate Control

Saving energy means saving money, and a programmable, digital, or WiFi thermostat is a great addition to any home. Thermostats make it easy to provide the ideal balance of temperature, humidity, air purity, and fresh air–a gift that everyone can enjoy:
WiFi Thermostat
Programmable Thermostat
Digital Thermostat

Basement Maintenance

The basement can be one of dad’s favorite spots in the house. But man cave or not, the indoor air quality in the basement is important to the overall health of the home. Here are a few gifts to help him maintain the freshest air possible:
Air Purifier
Vacuum with HEPA filter
Microfiber Mop

Garage Gear

Is dad always vowing to “clean up the garage”? Call his bluff with these handy tools and upgrades that will make it easier for him to follow through on his promise.
Wall-Mounted Storage Hooks
Concrete Floor Coating
Better Lighting Options
Extension Cord Organizer
Wet/Dry Vacuum
Garage Radio (makes the cleanup go faster)



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