Spring Cleaning for your Indoor Air

One of the best parts of annual spring cleaning is the chance to open up and air out the house. It feels good to clean up the dust, flush out stale odors and take a breath of fresh air. However, soon enough rising temperatures will mean it’s time to turn on the A/C and again close up the house. Start thinking about what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Infographic

spring cleaning
Tips and suggestions for keeping your indoor air pure and fresh!

Ditch the chemicals and scents

Many household cleaners, air fresheners and even scented candles can fill your home with harmful VOCs. These VOCs irritate asthma symptoms and other respiratory conditions. One solution is to opt for more traditional cleaners like vinegar, and use dried potpourri instead of aerosol fragrances. When you begin spring cleaning, properly dispose of or use up what’s left of harsh chemicals and replace your stock with alternatives.

Whole-Home air purification

High-capacity air purifiers installed as part of your home’s HVAC system can drastically cut down on dust, allergens and even bacteria and viruses. Unlike room air purifiers, whole-home systems improve the air throughout the entire house on-demand and anytime the air conditioner is running. Noticeably cut down on dust for a cleaner, more comfortable home and a healthier environment for family members with asthma, allergies or breathing problems.

Whole-home ventilation

All homes – but especially newer construction – can build up high concentrations of volatile organic compounds along with bad odors, smoke, and excess humidity. All of these conditions can greatly impact health and comfort as well as damage your home. Whole-home ventilation solutions expel dirty air and replace it with fresh, outdoor air without negatively impacting your energy bill. Just because your AC is running doesn’t mean your home should be filled with stale unhealthy air.

Clean up your Indoor Air!

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