AprilAire and Zyrtec® Alexa Skills Help Allergy Sufferers

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AprilAire and Zyrtec® Alexa Skills Help Allergy Sufferers

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Nobody wants allergies. In fact, we’re certain that 98% of the world would do away with them in a heartbeat if they could. The sneezing, the itchy eyes, the throbbing headaches, and constant sinus pressure – gross. Fortunately, AprilAire and Zyrtec® Alexa skills can help with both, giving you a 360° plan of attack against allergies.

AprilAire and Zyrtec® Amazon Alexa Skills Help Allergy Sufferers

Since that’s obviously not possible right now, there are two options: prevention and treatment.


The AprilAire and Zyrtec® Alexa skills can both help in the prevention of allergy symptoms.

For instance, Alexa-enabled AprilAire Wi-Fi thermostats can help you purify the air in your home, removing airborne allergens in the process. In addition, you’ll be able to maintain ideal humidity levels, which go a long way toward reducing mold, dust mites, and allergens. The AprilAire Alexa skill will allow you to command control of these aspects without lifting a finger.

Zyrtec®’s Alexa skill provides you with a daily AllergyCast® report, which Zyrtec® describes as a “real-feel forecast” containing weather, pollen count, and predominant allergens in your area. However, probably the most exciting part of this skill is the Allergy Impact Score, helping you track how you feel over time to determine what it is that’s setting off your allergies.


Through long-term and short-term treatments, many allergy sufferers should be able to keep allergies at bay with the AprilAire and Zyrtec® Alexa skills.

While it may not exactly be considered “treatment,” playing the long game with Alexa-enabled AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostats can set you up for greater success in the fight against allergies. Over time, you’ll be able to remove lingering allergens and contaminants, using only your voice with the AprilAire Alexa Skill.

Of course, Zyrtec® allergy medication is one of many obvious choices for fast allergy relief. Pairing their treatment with greater indoor air quality thanks to the AprilAire Alexa skill as well as Zyrtec®’s AllergyCast® skill can attack allergies from all angles.

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For improved allergy systems, first, be sure to consult your physician. Secondly, try improving your indoor air quality for increased long-term effects with Alexa-enabled AprilAire Wi-Fi thermostats. Find a dealer today!