Use Air Filters For This Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Craft

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Use Air Filters For This Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Craft

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When you think of Thanksgiving crafts for kids, your mind likely immediately jumps to the cute hand turkeys your little one traced, cut, and colored themselves at school. Well, this Thanksgiving craft is a bit different. It’s bigger, more interactive, and it’s certainly going to make a statement. We know your little one is going to love this!

Thanksgiving Craft Materials Needed

Thanksgiving Craft Instructions



Step One: Choose which end of the AprilAire replacement filter you’d like to be the top of your turkey tail. Locate the thin band of cloth nearest the edge of filter on either side and use scissors to cut it off. This will allow you to fan the turkey tail further.



Step Two: Once your turkey tail is fanned, lay it flat and spray paint it orange, yellow and then brown. Tip: Use a piece of poster board to get nice, even paint lines. One thing to note, spray paint contains VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can impact your well-being once inhaled. We suggest spray painting your turkey tail in a well-ventilated area, ideally outdoors. This will help prevent these VOCs from entering your home where you or anyone in your family can breathe them in. If you don’t have the ability to spray paint outdoors, consider utilizing space in your garage. Keep the garage door open to increase air flow, but leave the door to your home closed to prevent VOCs from entering. If you choose to, consider wearing a dust mask or a bandana over your nose and mouth for extra protection.



Step Three: Once your turkey tail is dry, fasten a 2” spring clamp to the back of it near the bottom. This helps keep your turkey tail fanned while also helping to keep it upright.



Step Four: Place your pumpkin in front of your fanned, upright turkey tail. The pumpkin will represent the body of the turkey. From there, hot glue an elongated gourd to the pumpkin to represent the turkey’s neck. To add a bit of pizazz to your DIY Thanksgiving craft for kids, surround your creation with pine cones and leaves, adding that festive autumn touch.