Negative Space Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

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Negative Space Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to teach your kids any number of things: how to show emotion, portion control with candy, and how to get a little artsy.

This craft project involves several fine motor skills that can be easily modified for kids of any age. It’s the perfect way to make a cute card for a friend, grandparent, or just for yourself.

The grand reveal of the negative space created by the heart cutouts is a thrill for almost any kid. And, who knows, it may even distract them from the candy hearts for just a bit.

Negative Space Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft


  • White paper
  • Colored paper of choice
  • Pencil to draw heart outlines
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Festive colored paints – Red, Pink, Purple (whatever you have on hand)


Activity Prep:

This is when the age and ability of the child comes into play. You’re going to need to draw the heart shapes for younger children, but some kids might be able to draw the hearts on their own.


The tried and true way to make a heart is to fold your colored paper in half and then draw half a heart along the folded edge.


Next, either you or your child will cut along the line to reveal your (hopefully) perfectly symmetrical heart. You can make as many as you’d like in varying sizes.

Then, you’ll need to tape down the colored hearts on your white paper. Older kids can help roll tape circles and stick their own hearts down, while toddlers can press the hearts down once the tape is already applied for them. The more your child is able to do on their own, the more engaged they’ll be in the activity.

Creating the Negative Space Hearts Craft

Now, it’s time to dip into those paints! Infants can use their fingers to dip and dot the paint, and feel free to let older kids and even toddlers pick their choice of tool, (finger, cotton ball, paint sponge, etc.)

The key is to dot all around the edge of the heart first to make sure the outline will be visible when you’re done.



Once the paint is all around the outline, let them go crazy filling up the rest of the white space. It can be as sparse or as dense as they want. Let them be creative with the colors they use and how many dots they create.



The final step is fun for any age! Once they’ve finished making their fingerprints or dots all around the page, it’s time to peel up the hearts. Do this slowly so you don’t tear the heart as you peel. You may even consider waiting for the paint to dry slightly so you don’t run the risk of smearing the paint into the heart shape.

Now you can let your little one decide where to display their masterpiece.

Try it on the wall or the fridge, or they can even take it to school or daycare to give to someone special.