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Try This Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Wreath

1 minute read

It’s the season of giving and there’s no better gift than something homemade by you and your kids! One of the easiest and most festive DIY and kid-friendly projects to make is a Christmas wreath.  Below, we have a simple wreath that’s perfect for using any extra bows and ribbon you have this time of year. Follow the easy steps, and find ways for your child to help out!

Materials Needed

● Circular wreath form
● Tissue paper for backing (optional)
● Tape
● Lots and lots of bows (any color combination you like)
● Ribbon or string for hanging

DIY Christmas Wreath Instructions

Step One: Wrap the wreath with tissue paper first just to make sure none of the green would be peeking through the bows. This is optional but highly recommended for a more polished look. Secure the tissue paper with tape and you’re good to go!


Step Two: It’s time to bring on the bows. Depending on the age of your kid, you will want to back your bows with tape before you start this step. In this case, our helper, Roman, is 18 months old. If all your bows are brand new, just peel the backing off. We used recycled bows that needed a little help sticking.


Step Three: Let your little one go at it and stick on as many bows as they can fit, or until they want to get back to playing with all their toys. You can fill in any gaps once they’re done so the wreath form is full and covered.


Step Four: We added some curled silver ribbon, and just like that we had a Christmas wreath that was ready to be displayed or gifted!

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