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Water Filter DIY: This DIY Craft for Kids Teaches All About the Water Filtration System

2 minute read

Clean water is as important as Healthy Air. After all, we use it to irrigate, grow food, and much more—which is why our water filtration system is key.

Our water naturally comes in the form of rain; hence the trend of rain harvesting, which saves water, can be used to feed our plants, and help prevent erosion. This DIY craft for kids can help you teach your children all about the benefits of water filtration systems and rain harvesting!

Learn About Water Filtration Systems: A Water Filter DIY

Made from easy-to-find items, this water filter DIY can help you show your kids how a water filtration system sifts out unwanted particles to prevent bacteria growth and keep rainwater safe and healthy long-term. Simply collect and watch it work!

What You’ll Need

For this water filter DIY, you’ll need:

  • A clean plastic bottle
  • A handful of gravel
  • A handful of sand
  • A handful of activated charcoal powder
  • A box cutter
  • A rubber band
  • A swatch of cloth fabric

Water Filter DIY Assembly and Usage Instructions

First, take your clean, plastic water bottle and, using the box cutter, cut horizontally across the middle to separate the top and bottom of the bottle. The top portion will serve as your filter! Hold onto the bottom piece until later.


Once separated, turn the top of the bottle (your filter) upside down and remove the lid. Use a cloth swatch and rubber band to cover the opening spout. Then, when your water filter is upside down and the cloth is secured, add (in order) a layer of sand, a layer of activated charcoal powder, an extra layer of sand, and finish with a layer of gravel.


Grab the bottom section of the bottle you set aside and, to finish setting up your water filter, add the top of the bottle into the bottom so the covered spout faces down. This will serve as your water collector!


Time to test! Carefully pour colored water into the top portion, overtop of the sand and gravel. Watch it filter into the bottom to ensure it’s in working order.

When ready to use, empty the water collector to reset your filter before putting it outdoors. On a rainy day, have your kids put their water filter DIY outside to collect rain and watch as it filters and cleans!


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