8 Fireplace Safety Tips from Aprilaire

The allure of cozying up by a crackling fireplace on a cold winter’s day is hard to resist. However, fireplaces-- as well as wood and gas stoves-- release dangerous pollutants into the air that can greatly affect the indoor air quality in your home.

Why You Need More Sleep in the Winter

As the new year moves along and the days get colder, it can be harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Thankfully, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. More sleep is natural in the wintertime, according… Read More >

How to Overcome Winter Allergies

There are plenty of ways to manage and overcome winter allergies. We asked Nurse Kate some questions on the topic, and we hope her expertise can help guide you to a happy, healthy winter.

How-to Change Your Water Panel

Proper maintenance of your humidifier is essential to avoiding winter dry air in your home. The majority of our humidifiers require a water panel change once a year, right before the heating season.
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