Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

We’ve assembled some brain stimulating ideas that are enjoyable and affordable so your kids can enjoy their time off of school while staying mentally sharp at the same time.

Dyeing Eggs That Are Safe To Eat

For many of us, dyeing eggs is an Easter tradition that goes back for generations. It’s timeless fun. But what do you do with the eggs after they’re dyed? Here are some quick tips on dyeing eggs that are still safe to eat.

Crafts for Kids: DIY Air Quality Experiment

Air pollution and allergies are concerning in certain areas and at different times of the year. No matter where you live, it’s important to help children understand the concepts of air quality and how it impacts their health and wellness.

Crafts for Kids: DIY Flower Pot Design

This DIY flower pot design is an easy, fun craft you can do with the kids to celebrate the warm weather. Plus, depending on what you plant, there may be some health benefits as well. Bonus? It looks like a picket fence. Adorable!

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Every year, your little one comes home from school on Valentine’s Day with tons of adorable cards from classmates. They likely feature their classmates’ favorite television characters in silly situations or cartoon animals with cute, punny sayings like “Bee Mine!”… Read More >
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