Staycation Ideas for Families and Couples for Summer Travel

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Staycation Ideas for Families and Couples for Summer Travel

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Staycation Ideas for Families and Couples

Coronavirus has shelved many of our summer travel plans, but you do not have to go to new places to have fun. In fact, there are plenty of ways to staycation like a vacation. We have some ideas below to help you spice up your staycation whether you want to stay indoors or go outdoors.

Indoor Activities for your Summer Staycation

You still cannot visit museums in-person, but many have opened up their doors digitally. You and your family can go across the country and the world.

Other attractions like zoos are sharing online videos with their animals, other online activities, and some virtual experiences to help you get your fix of cute animals while also getting an educational experience.

Even some cities such as Orlando are offering fully immersive digital experiences. You can even travel along the historic highway Route 66. Other attractions include the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, Palace of Versailles, among plenty of other global historic sites.

Buying a new board game or dusting off an old one is a great way to reconnect without the distraction of cellphones or other electronics. A couple more ideas are having a movie marathon, binging a new television show, teaching your kids how to cook, reading a new book, or cleaning your place.

Outside Activities for your Summer Staycation

Local parks are a great way to get out in nature and out of your house for a bit. You can plan a picnic, go hiking, or just relax outside with friends and family. You can also get a tent and camp.

If you are near a body of water, you can rent a tube, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. Businesses are taking different precautions like requiring social distancing, masks, and cleaning equipment after use.

Cities are also expanding bike and walkways so people can eat at restaurants outside, do some sidewalk shopping, or just walk around. If there is a restaurant you have wanted to try, but just have not had the time, a staycation is a great opportunity to go do that. You can choose a less crowded time to eat or plenty of places offer curbside pick-up and delivery options.

Drive-in Theaters allow you to watch a new movie or an old classic in your area while getting outdoors. It is a great place to take kids. You can have a picnic, play games, and watch a movie while not having to worry about your kids making noise or moving around too much. Most places offer a double feature and some places even offer a triple-feature for one price. Some drive-ins are even showing concerts with some major musical guests too.

If you have a backyard, you can set-up your own drive-in experience. Put up a projector and layout a smorgasbord of delicious snacks for the ultimate drive-in experience.

Where are you staycationing?

While going somewhere new is always fun and exciting, there are plenty of ways to have fun while staycation-ing. Having a chance to reconnect with everyone without distractions is the most important part of every vacation. Even better, you can do some of these activities in your pajamas.

Let us know how you’re having fun on your staycation!

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