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The Seasonal Guide to Home Projects and Renovations

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Looking around your home, are there some things you’d change? You probably wish there was a button you could push to finish all those little projects and big renovations in an instant. But timing is everything. So, until that magic button exists, the easiest way to tackle all your to-dos is to make a seasonal guide to home projects and renovations.

This is necessary for some projects, like outdoor modifications, and it also helps you pace the projects throughout the year to make each one achievable.

You can even try to time certain renovations during the least busy times of the year for contractors, plumbers, etc. This ensures your work gets done on time, and could even save you a bit on costs.

Seasonal Guide to Home Projects and Renovations



Looking to add on to the garage, or extend the back of your home? It’s typically better to dig new foundations and pour concrete when the ground is frozen and the air is dry, compared to mud and humidity. When precipitation comes, the worksite can be covered.


You’re going to be inside most of the winter, so why not take the time to overhaul your interior décor? With many retailers offering free fabric and color samples plus fast home delivery, it’s easier than ever to refresh the look and feel of your home without stepping a foot outside.


Being home during the winter months can give you a better idea of what you need and don’t need around the house. After adding in new holiday gifts, it’s the perfect time to clear out old clutter by donating or trying to sell things you’re ready to say goodbye to. This practice can also help you keep a cleaner home.


New Windows

Beat the summertime rush for window replacements by scheduling yours for late spring, when rogue precipitation is less likely. Depending on the area you live, you could get them done faster and at a better price point during this time.

New Flooring

Depending on the type of flooring you’re installing, humidity and temperature can have a large impact. Spring offers a good balance of moderate humidity and tolerable temperatures, decreasing the likelihood of warping and cracking for your new flooring.


Late spring or early summer is the perfect time to paint. It’s not too cold or too hot outside to open windows and ventilate the paint fumes. Plus, the longer daylight hours will let you see your new colors in natural lighting.


Fireplace Maintenance

Take some time during late summer to check out your indoor fireplace. For wood fireplaces, clean them out thoroughly, check the chimney, and start stocking up on wood. Consider having a trained technician look at any gas and electric fireplaces to ensure safety and efficiency.

Heater/Furnace Cleaning

Stay ahead of the curve by getting your heating system cleaned and checked out before the fall, when most others scramble to get theirs up and running. Most professionals will be flexible in the summer, and this leaves you enough time before the cold weather arrives if any large changes are necessary.

Kitchen Refresh

Summer weather offers more opportunities to grill outside or eat away from home while you’re out enjoying the long, sunny days. That makes this a good time of year to swap out old appliances, or change the tile, flooring, and countertops.


Water Panel Replacement

Dry, winter air is tough on your health and your home. You can help combat these issues by replacing the water panel in your AprilAire whole-home humidifier. Over time, water panels can get clogged with particulates, putting more stress on the heating and air conditioning units. An annual replacement is best, helping maintain proper Indoor Air Quality and increasing your energy savings.

Lawn Care

Raking up old leaves is just the start. The fall gives you the chance to ensure the long-term health of your lawn and plants with a few straightforward tasks. Start by aerating your lawn and garden beds to prevent oxygen deprivation in the winter. Then fertilize and winterize your gardens, small trees, and shrubs to ensure they’ll around come spring. These can make for fun family projects, or professionals can typically handle them all in a day or two.

Switch Ceiling Fans

Here’s an easy project to save some energy costs and keep you warmer in the cold months. When the temperatures start to drop, you should change your ceiling fans to turn clockwise so they push hot air back down into your living areas.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Don’t wait until the following summer to get your AC fully inspected. By cleaning and inspecting once the weather cools down, you can make sure the system wasn’t overtaxed during the summer, prepare for the winter season, and get it ready to go for the next time it’s needed.

All Year

Healthy Air

No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s important to prioritize Indoor Air Quality in your home. AprilAire air filters should typically be replaced every six to 12 months, saving you time and money compared to traditional 1-inch filters, which need to be replaced every one to three months. It’s also a good idea to have a professional check out your ventilation and filtering systems once a year.

Air filtration is just one part of the AprilAire Healthy Air System®. When building and maintaining your home, consider fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control to create a Healthy Home for you and your family.

Use AprilAire’s Find A Pro to contact experts in your area.

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