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School Air Quality Solutions for In-Person Learning

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School Air Quality Matters Beyond COVID-19

Students, teachers, and parents are gearing up for in-person schooling. They enter another unpredictable school year; however, there is a way to take control of this volatility.

Using engineering controls to monitor and implement school air quality measures can make a positive difference in the performance, happiness, and health of both students and teachers. Poor school air quality can lead to more absences and subsequently, poorer academic performance.

Many school districts made substantial upgrades to their facilities by installing high-efficiency air filters, ventilation systems, and air purifiers during the spring and summer of 2021. These facility upgrades were included as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for reopening schools. The national public health organization has advocated for returning to in-person school.

Air Quality Can Help With Mental and Physical Stressors

Amidst a global pandemic that is leaving students both mentally and physically ill, improving a school’s air quality is a worthwhile investment. Schools host a large group of people with various health issues who are interacting in close quarters for long periods of time

For students and teachers who have lingering pulmonary and cardiovascular issues, these school air quality implementations help establish a safer and healthier environment by reducing dangerous airborne contaminants that can trigger respiratory issues like asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Room Air Purifiers and Natural Ventilation Provide Localized Solutions

While schools work to make HVAC system improvements for better IAQ throughout the building, room air purifiers can be used in individual classrooms for a localized solution. Using AprilAire room air purifiers in the classroom can help in capturing harmful particulates. Other options include opening up windows, as long as the air quality is good. Poor outdoor air quality due to car pollution, wildfires, and other natural disasters can make opening windows a nonstarter so it’s important to monitor air quality through the Air Now tool. 

Room air purifiers and natural ventilation can also work for students heading off to college for the first time. Both solutions can limit exposure to airborne viruses and odors because just like in a classroom, dorm rooms and floors are a small space that host a multitude of interactions with various people. 

Upgrade School Air Quality with AprilAire

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