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Proper Disposal and Replacement of AprilAire Air Filters

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Steps for Proper Disposal of Air Filters

AprilAire air filters are an integral part of your HVAC system. They trap dust and other airborne pollutants that flow through your ducts, which can make you sick or clog your HVAC system leading to expensive repairs. Over time, the filter gets clogged and becomes less efficient at trapping harmful pollutants like airborne viruses. It is important to replace your air filter to keep your system running efficiently.

Here are some tips to follow for the proper disposal of air filters.

1. Turn your HVAC system off

Turn your system off before removing your old filter. Do not run your HVAC system without a new air filter in here.

2. Have a plastic bag ready

Your air filter is full of dust, debris, and other contaminants that you do not want to end up back in the air or on your ground. Having a bag ready to go will help make this transition less precarious. In addition, do not bump or shake your air filter when placing it in the bag.

3. Tape the bag shut

To prevent any drops or spills once the filter is in the bag, carefully tape it shut to seal.

4. Place the filter in an outdoor trash can

Keeping your old filter in an indoor trash can could lead to the bag reopening and the dirt and debris in the filter escaping back into your air. Placing it in an outdoor trash can will help remedy this.

5. Replace filter

Place your replacement AprilAire filter in the HVAC system and then turn the system back on once the new filter is inserted.

6. Stock up on a replacement filter

Order a new AprilAire air filter today to make replacing your old filter simple and easy.

For more information and tips about AprilAire air filters and air purifiers, read our FAQs article.

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