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Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Why is it that we often whip up a Mother’s Day gift the night before, when we plan Christmas presents and birthday surprises months in advance? In our defense, Mother’s Day is a different date every year, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of. But we all know it’s one of the most important. So this year you’re going in prepared! Mark your calendar for Sunday, May 13, and start planning now. Even if you’re running out of time, you can still do something thoughtful that lets mom know just how much you appreciate her. Here are Mother’s Day gift ideas for every mom!

Mother’s Day gift ideas for….

The Gardening Mom: There are lots of gardening gift sets you can make yourself with a new pair of her favorite gloves or a new kneeling pad, or handmade garden markers.

The Spa-loving Mom: What mom doesn’t deserve to be pampered? A gift card for a massage, or a scheduled mani/pedi for you and her can bring you closer together and make her feel appreciated. If you’re a son, don’t write off this option! Experiencing something new with your mom can let you both see a new side of each other, plus your hands will feel smoother than you ever thought was possible.

The Mom who’s a Grandma: You know your mom loves being a grandma more than almost anything, right? Embrace it! There are endless handprint craft ideas on Pinterest like these Handprint Tulip Towels, or this one of a kind fingerprint necklace that she can show off to all her friends. If her grandkids helped make it, she will love it even more.

The Crafty Mom: Moms who love to craft, love organization! So whether you can spring for a new craft cart or take a day to help her organize her craft room, you’re sure to please.

The Active Mom: Does your mom stay in better shape than you do? Working out together is a great way to know each other better, and it gives you a chance to sneak some of mom’s “fountain of youth” secrets. Go for a hike at a local state park, sign up for a 5k that you can do together, or try something new like goat yoga. (Yes, it’s a thing and mom will love it.)

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