Aprilaire: Our History

People have always wanted to be comfortable and healthy indoors. From living in cooled caves,to building cabins shaded by trees, to installing air conditioners in homes—the pursuit of a better living environment has consistently been a part of human life.… Read More >

Top 5 Man Cave Cleaning Tips

The Man Cave can create a smelly, cluttered mess that needs to be cleaned up—and mommy’s not around anymore to do it. Keeping the smells in check. Make sure your man cave privileges remain in good standing.

Removing VOCs From Your Home

A healthy home environment is something everyone strives for… You wash the table before you eat. You vacuum the carpet on a regular schedule. You hog-tie the dog and wipe the mud off his paws before letting him trample through… Read More >

Best Plants For Air Purification

What’s not to love about the great indoors? It’s got food, it’s got Wi-Fi, and there’s less of a chance you’ll make eye contact with a stranger. Huge benefits. But there can be a downside to spending the majority of… Read More >
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