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MERV 16 Air Filters Effectively Capture Airborne Pollutants

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The air we breathe is important to our overall health since the air inside your home can be 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Polluted air impacts our ability to focus and affects our sleep. It can make us ill, especially the most vulnerable populations like the elderly, children, and those who are immunocompromised. MERV 16 air filters provide the most effective protection at capturing these airborne pollutants that circulate throughout our home. These highly efficient filters add an extra layer of protection against poor handwashing and respiratory etiquette.

To improve your home’s air, use a MERV 16 air filter with an AprilAire whole-house air purifier to capture 98% of airborne viruses and 99% of airborne allergy and asthma triggers that flow through the filtering system. Upgrading your AprilAire air filter is a great idea if you have children, are asthmatic, or are particularly sensitive to allergies. Without a proper air filter, some of these aerosols may linger in the air for several hours, get picked up by your HVAC system’s ducts, and infect people in completely different rooms.

MERV 16 air filters also provide superior protection to your HVAC system. By capturing airborne dust, it prevents dust buildup inside of your cooling coils. Over time, this buildup can lead to high energy bills and expensive repairs.

We recommend replacing your MERV 16 air filter every 6 months.

Purchase MERV 16 Air Filter

Contact your local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to get started with MERV 16 filtration today. You can also purchase AprilAire MERV 16 air filters directly from AprilAire where they will be shipped directly to your home. You can install the filters yourself or contact your local professional or the AprilAire support team for assistance.

What is MERV?

MERV, otherwise known as Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a measurement scale that rates the effectiveness of filters at trapping airborne particles. The scale ranges from 1-16, with 16 being the most effective.

Here’s an in-depth description of the process used to determine MERV, from the National Air Filtration Association:

“An air filter’s performance is determined by measuring the particle counts upstream and downstream of the air-cleaning device being tested.

A laboratory aerosol generator, which operates much like a paint sprayer, is used to create a challenge aerosol of known particle size in the air stream. This will generate particles covering the 12 required particle size ranges for the test. The challenge aerosol is injected into the test duct and particle counts are taken for each of the size data points.

The filter’s performance, on each of the twelve particle sizes, during the six test cycles (a total of 72 value or calculated value) is determined. For each value or calculated value, the filtration efficiency is stated as a ratio of the downstream-to-upstream particle count. The lowest values over the six test cycles are then used to determine the Composite Minimum Efficiency Curve. Using the lowest measured efficiency avoids the misinterpretation of averaging and provides a “worst case” experience over the entire test.”


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