DIY Valentine’s Day Craft with An Upcycled Water Panel

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DIY Valentine’s Day Craft with An Upcycled Water Panel

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Every year, your little one comes home from school on Valentine’s Day with tons of adorable cards from classmates. This year, show off your child’s adorable Valentine’s cards in this DIY Valentine’s Day Craft display made from a recycled AprilAire water panel. They likely feature their classmates’ favorite television characters in silly situations or cartoon animals with cute, punny sayings like “Bee Mine!” or “You’re Un-BEAR-ably Cute!” Perhaps your little one even prepared a specific Valentine for that special someone in class.

Materials Needed

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Steps

Step One:


Rinse off and dry your recycled AprilAire water panel. Then, using a red marker, sketch out the shape of a heart on the water panel. Leave the heart flat at the bottom so that your DIY Valentine display will stand on its own. Don’t worry about the red lines as you’ll eventually paint your display red.

Step Two: 


Use a craft knife to cut your AprilAire water panel into the shape of a heart along the guides from your red marker.

Step Three:


In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your DIY Valentine display red.

Step Four: 


Once the paint is dry, string ribbon around your newly painted Valentine display.

Step Five: 


Fasten binder clips to the front of your DIY Valentine display. These will securely hold your Valentine cards.

Step Six:


Add your child’s Valentine cards to the display and enjoy!