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AprilAire Room Air Purifiers Are the Best HEPA Air Purifiers

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What makes AprilAire Room Air Purifiers so powerful? It’s the HEPA filter! HEPA, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air, filters are designed to filter air at an exceptionally high scale. A HEPA filter is not recommended for any AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers as they can create static pressure and damage equipment. For those units, use MERV filters.

The Best HEPA Air Purifiers: Getting to Know AprilAire Room Air Purifiers

For those who are ready to clear their air and take control of their home’s Indoor Air Quality, look no further! An AprilAire Room Air Purifier—the best HEPA Air Purifier—helps actively remove contaminants, like VOCs, mold, dust mites, and more allergy triggers from your air for increased respiratory wellness.

In order to keep allergy and asthma triggers at bay, there are two main things every homeowner should look for before purchasing any air filtration unit:

  1. Does the unit utilize high-efficiency air filters? For room air purifiers, look for a HEPA filter. For whole-house air purifiers, look for MERV filters.
  2. Does your unit produce ozone? Ground-level ozone is toxic and can be detrimental to respiratory health, but some room air purifiers release ozone while attempting to clear the air. AprilAire Room Air Purifiers don’t utilize an ionizer, so they deliver Healthy Air without releasing ozone—the best HEPA Air Purifier, for sure!

How Room Air Purifiers Work

Just like an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier, our room air purifiers are programmable and able to filter out indoor air pollution so your family can breathe easy and live in a Healthy Home that’s free from respiratory irritants. Though unlike whole-house air purifiers, room air purifiers focus on the air in one room (approximate square footage: 495 sq. ft.), as opposed to the entire home.

Room air purifiers are the best HEPA air purifiers for those who live in small spaces, like dorms, apartments, or homes that require supplemental bursts of fresh air in certain rooms! Due to their portability, these units are available for use where and when you need them—like during allergy season.

Depending on where you live, you might want to utilize room air purifiers alongside a whole-house air purifier for optimal protection.

It`s Always Healthy Air Season

When life won`t give you a breather, AprilAire can with whole-house Healthy Air solutions.

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Getting the Best With Both

Using room air purifiers in tandem with your whole-house air purifier can help give your home a supplemental burst of fresh air when you need it! Could you benefit from having both in your home? Here’s when AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals recommend the combination:

  • When doing a DIY project, like painting or staining, in a specific room
  • High-traffic areas where humans and pets coexist
  • When gas fireplaces or wood stoves are in use
  • In damp rooms to prevent mold
  • On days when allergens are high

Bottom line: Being proactive about the air you and your family breathe can go a long way toward greater wellness! AprilAire is Healthy Air.

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