how to change your aprilaire water panel

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Instructions on How-To Change Your AprilAire Water Panel Annually

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Proper maintenance of your humidifier is essential to avoiding dry winter air in your home. The majority of our humidifiers require a water panel change once a year, right before the heating season. Here’s a how-to change your humidifier filter.

How-To Change Your AprilAire Water Panel

The basic procedure is to turn off the water, remove the cover of the humidifier, pull out the old water panel and drop in a new one. Regardless of the age of your humidifier, it will take one of four AprilAire Water Panels: 10, 12, 35, or 45.

Each humidifier does have some unique steps you may encounter.  The best way to make sure you’re installing it correctly is to use the instructions printed on the back of the carton. These detailed instructions are just one more benefit to using genuine AprilAire replacement parts.

You can also find instructions on each water panel’s page or by clicking the links to the install videos below.

Buy a Replacement AprilAire Water Panel

You can also view the owner’s manual or order one at our E-Store.

Get a Healthy Air Professional

Remember, if you have any concerns or simply don’t want to install, AprilAire has a network of partner dealers who can do it for you.

Some dealers will even change the part as part of their annual check-up.