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Allergies in the Fall: Your Allergy Symptoms and Solutions Explained

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Have you noticed your seasonal allergy symptoms are lasting longer than usual? You’re not alone! A recent study found that pollen levels and allergen counts are higher and longer lasting than normal, caused in large part by climate change. 

This means that your seasonal allergy symptoms could linger, as many areas of the country experience higher-than-normal temperatures, leading to higher allergen counts from cone-bearing and flowering plants. The map below from the National Centers for Environmental Information shows average temperatures for September 2022, compared to historic averages.

Statewide Average Temperature Ranks

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Fall Allergens

The fall allergy season also introduces ragweed pollen and mold. These allergens can travel easily through the air and cause allergy symptoms outdoors, enter your home through open windows, or attach to your clothing and cause more allergy symptoms inside your home.

Seventeen different types of ragweed pollen grow in North America. However, it is more common in rural areas where turf grasses and other perennial plants easily become overgrown and release large amounts of pollen. Ragweed spores have been found to travel up to 400 miles, and areas east of the Rocky Mountains are especially susceptible to ragweed.

Mold can also cause allergies in the fall when it forms on untouched piles of leaves or grass that collect moisture, like leaves trapped in rain gutters. The spores can easily travel through the air, causing allergic reactions in some people when inhaled. 

Fall Allergy Solutions

Despite the increase in allergen counts and pollen levels, you can still enjoy the fall season by taking steps to lower your exposure! Try these allergy solutions out at home.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

The mild temperatures and lower precipitation levels of fall make it tempting to open up your windows and doors to control indoor temperatures. But that also gives allergens a clear path into your home, causing things like airborne pollen and mold spores to settle on your furniture and floors. Instead, when allergen counts are high, rely on your heating and cooling systems paired with AprilAire MERV 16 Air Filters to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Stay Aware of Allergen Counts

Before you head outside to enjoy the classic changing colors and mild temperatures of fall, check the allergen levels in your area, which are typically highest between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. Allergen levels can remain high until the first freezing temperatures of the season. So, if you need to be outside when levels are high, try wearing a face mask or other breathing filter.

Stay Safe During Outdoor Chores

Mowing the grass, raking the yard, and cleaning out gutters are common fall tasks. They can seem even more tedious for those with fall allergies, as leaves and grass can hold onto allergens that go airborne when disturbed by mowing or raking. Allergy solutions, while doing outdoor chores, can include wearing a breathing filter, removing your clothes in the garage afterward to avoid bringing allergens indoors, or hiring a landscaping service.

Install an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier

If you want to keep your fall allergies and increased allergen count in check, consider installing an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier. The whole-house air purifier helps to capture airborne viruses and reduces the proliferation or respiratory irritants as well as allergy and asthma triggers. 

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