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Healthy Home Blueprint: How Buying a House Can Keep You Healthy at Home

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Are you considering buying a house? We know firsthand just how stressful finding the right space for your family can be. No matter your desired neighborhood, school system, square footage, and more, staying healthy at home is of utmost importance! With healthy, cozy spaces topping must-have lists nationwide, AprilAire has everything you need to create your desired Healthy Home environment. 

Staying Healthy at Home With Healthy Air 

When you bring Healthy Air into your home, you and your family can experience a wealth of life-changing benefits, including: 

  • Allergy and Asthma Relief 
  • Protection from Airborne Illnesses 
  • Better Sleep 
  • Reduced Stress 
  • Improved Cognition and Mental Health 
  • And more! 

Buying a House: The Healthy Home Checklist 

“Buying a Healthy Home means paying attention to features beyond immediate impressions and understanding how a home works to keep you comfortable, both physically and mentally,” shares Linda Stamford of American Dream Realty. So, are you ready to buy? Consider these important must-haves for staying healthy at home. 

Indoor Air Quality 

How’s the air quality in your future Healthy Home? Consider the age and efficiency of the home’s current ventilation and air filtration systems. An AprilAire Healthy Air Professional can help assess effectiveness and identify solutions your family needs to be healthy at home.  

Mold & Mildew 

When buying a house, be sure to rule out mold and mildew issues. Interior mold growth can be harmful to your health and is often caused by present water damage. Learn about the current waterproofing and encapsulation efforts to assess your risk. 

Contamination Concerns 

To ensure you can remain healthy at home, ask about past, present, and even future contamination concerns. From abandoned fuel tanks to gas or oil leaks to pesticides from remediation efforts, and more, it’s important to ensure these hazards won’t create health and home risks in the future. 

Harmful Gasses 

Carbon dioxide, natural gas, carbon monoxide, radon, and more harmful gasses could be present in the air without your knowledge. When buying a house, it’s important to know if these gasses posed threats in the past that could come back up in the future. 

Openings & Cracks 

Cracks and gaps in the foundation can impact your ability to stay healthy at home. Working with a professional to identify any pathways for contaminants and potential solutions can help you enjoy a Healthy Home environment year-round. 

Radiation Exposure & Faulty Wiring 

External sources, like high-voltage transmission lines or high-powered cellular towers, should be identified and measured by a home professional to determine your exposure levels. Inside, identify any wiring issues, like outdated practices or faulty connections before buying a house. 

Healthy Home Dos & Don’ts  

By closely following these tips, you can ensure you’re buying a house that will keep your family happy and healthy at home. 

DO: Research 

While researching location, future developments, educational systems, and more homebuying must-haves, be sure to work with your realtor to identify homes that may have considerable age, highway access, previous structural damage, and more to ensure you’re in the market for a Healthy Home 

DON’T: Skip the home inspection 

Oftentimes, sellers will request homebuyers skip the inspection to help quickly seal the deal. Our advice? Don’t! Skipping a home inspection may save you money now, but it can cost you in the long run.  

By conducting a home inspection, you can ensure your future home is safe from air quality concerns, structural issues, and much more. Testing for radon, harmful chemicals, and even mold growth can also help you find a home where you can live easily. 

DO: Invest in Healthy Air 

Buying a house? Then you need to invest in Healthy Air! From ventilation and air filtration to humidity control and radon mitigation, AprilAire has what you need to ensure you’re healthy at home. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying a house is an investment! By ensuring you’re purchasing a Healthy Home with the above considerations in mind, you can enjoy a lifetime of staying healthy at home. 

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