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Healthy Air Month at AprilAire

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National Clean Air Month is recognized every May across the United States. At AprilAire, we wanted to get a head start on the fun and informative times by making April the “Healthy Air Month.” It’s got a nice ring to it, right?

Although it’s always Healthy Air season with AprilAire, during the month of April especially we want to recognize all the benefits of optimizing your home environment with Indoor Air Quality solutions. Here are some of the highlights:

Healthy Air Checklist

To start your spring off on the right foot, we’ve got a few items for your checklist below. You can check out more helpful resources on the AprilAire Healthy Air System® page. You’ll see how our all-in-one solution delivers fresh air ventilation, air filtration, humidity control, zoning control, radon mitigation, and more.

Change Air Filters

Heating and cooling systems contain air filters that need to be changed regularly, both for efficient operation, and to protect the air being dispersed throughout your home

AprilAire Air Filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on the model, which can save you time and money compared to traditional 1-inch filters, which need to be replaced every 1 to 3 months.

Avoid Scents and Unnecessary Chemicals

Check the labels before you start the cleaning process. Some household cleaners, air fresheners, and scented candles can fill your home with harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can irritate asthma symptoms and other respiratory conditions.

Instead, clean with products like vinegar and add fresh scents with things like dried potpourri.

Capture Dust

A sheen of dust on your furniture is a sure sign that some spring cleaning is in order. To start, a damp cloth is great at capturing dust from surfaces big and small, including the nooks and crannies of window shades and shelving units. Vacuuming is a great way to finish the job and capture any dust that got displaced during the cleaning process.

Plus, AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers can help reduce the prevalence of dust in your home.


Nothing says “spring” quite like cracking open the windows to let in fresh air. When the weather is steady and allergens aren’t a concern, that’s a great way to refresh the air inside your home.

For daily, reliable ventilation, AprilAire Whole-House Ventilation Systems can expel dirty air and replace it with filtered outdoor air.

Find a Pro

Establish a Healthy Home with AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals that care. We have over 4,500 pros nationwide who are ready to help you find the best Healthy Air solutions for your home, no matter what your needs may be. Start your journey with AprilAire.

  • Custom Evaluations and Expert Advice
  • Professional Installations and Maintenance
  • Fast and Friendly Local Service

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