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Going Beyond Lung Health: 5 Health Benefits of Healthy Air

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Healthy Air equals healthy lungs! No surprise here, we all know breathing clean, Healthy Air at home can help reduce the risks of developing future health concerns like allergies, asthma, lung disease, and even lung cancer. But the health benefits of Healthy Air go far beyond protecting and improving our lung health!

By bettering our Indoor Air Quality, we all afford greater health equity and a collective drive to maintain a healthier lifestyle. From our hearts to our brains, Healthy Air acts as a shield, protecting us all from the dangers of air pollution exposure. Discover the five health benefits of Healthy Air to find out how we can protect more than just our lung health!

1. Lowering Risk of Heart Disease

Historically, when we think about heart disease, we weigh these three risk factors: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and history of smoking. But as research continues, experts are discovering there could be other risks that threaten the health of this vital organ, too. Could air pollution be one of them?

Like lung health, heart health can suffer as a result of regular exposure to airborne pollutants, like city smog or dangerous particulate matter. In fact, a 2016 study revealed that long-term exposure to particulate matter and nitrogen oxides aged blood vessels more quickly. Over time, these antiquated vessels led to coronary artery calcium buildup and, ultimately, increased the likelihood of having a stroke or heart attack.

One in three Americans suffer from heart disease—the leading cause of death each year, which is especially worrisome for those over 65 years of age. Being such a prevalent health issue, researchers have set their sights on connecting the dots, finding the link between long-term air pollution exposure and heart disease development. In surveying healthy and at-risk individuals alike, experts continue to stress the importance of creating healthy Indoor Air Quality in order to reap both heart and health benefits.

2. Health Benefits for the Brain

Did you know air pollution can cause chronic brain fog and negatively impact cognitive performance? Whether we find ourselves holed up in a shared office space or notice children struggling to study at home, it’s not shocking to discover that several studies found that exposure to polluted air actually hindered concentration and the ability to stay on-task and focused.

In frequented spaces—like offices and schools—there’s no telling what is impacting the air quality. From cleaning products that release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to increased exposure to exhaust as a result of a nearby highway, breathing in some of the harmful particulates that linger in our air could stunt success, limit thought and imagination, and even increase the risk of developing cognitive diseases, like Alzheimer’s.

While eating right, exercising, and hydrating can help ‘get your brain going’ and ready to take on the day, breathing in fresh air is key to enjoying brain-boosting health benefits. By prioritizing Healthy Air in professional and educational settings, cognitive function and concentration can be restored.

3. Combatting Inflammation

Inflammation, when we’re injured, can be a good thing. But, when it persists, inflammation can invite negative health issues, like depression and arthritis, to overtake our bodies and impact our overall health. For years, experts have studied what causes chronic inflammation and how it’s triggered, ultimately raising a very important question: Could long-term exposure to fine particulate matter be the missing link?

In further exploring the possible link between our air and increased levels of inflammation, researchers began to dig further, shifting their focus on finding the links between increased inflammation and certain diseases, like diabetes. Then, they found it! One study’s results showed air pollution, especially ozone, may be a contributing factor to a higher incidence of diabetes.

With these findings in mind, experts continue to underscore the need to maintain a healthy diet, engage in a regular exercise routine, and prioritize Healthy Air environments in order to afford the necessary health benefits designed to protect vulnerable and healthy populations worldwide.

4. Helping Children Reach Full Potential

It should come as no surprise that polluted air can negatively impact cognition in adolescents as well as adults. Years of research have continued to underscore the profound impact poor air quality can have on children, even finding that inhalation of fine particulate matter could increase the chances of childhood development issues, like ADHD or behavioral issues.

With children breathing 50% more air per pound than adults and our knowledge that exposure to harmful pollution during pregnancy can result in pre-term births, it’s more important than ever to not only protect our kids from viruses and allergens that could make them sick, but to safeguard their lungs from dangerous particulates that could create long-term developmental challenges, like autism.

5. Health Benefits for Stress and Happiness

In addition to Healthy Air helping boost our brain function, it can also help us maintain stress-free, happy, and healthy lives. After all, we release more serotonin (known as the happy hormone) when fresh, clean air enters our bodies and increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood. But, when we inhale polluted air, inflammation increases and we become more susceptible to developing mental health struggles, like depression.

Truly, a breath of fresh air can make a world of a difference.

It’s Always Healthy Air Season

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