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Find the Best Whole-House Humidifier For Your Home with AprilAire

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We have designed and manufactured many different humidifiers to help you battle dry air in your home. We have solutions for numerous applications based on the size of your home, how you heat your home, and what type of control you want. The best part is, that our network of skilled HVAC partners do most of the work in selecting the best whole-house humidifier for your needs.

Best Whole-House Humidifier From AprilAire

The HVAC contractor analyzes many factors when choosing the best whole-house humidifier solution for your home. Some humidifiers need a power source while others simply rely on the HVAC blower fan. The contractor understands when to use one versus the other. As a result, the solution ultimately installed is the one that works best with the home’s HVAC system.

Whole-home humidification is available to you no matter how your house is heated. In addition, with our steam humidification solutions, even homes with boilers, mini-splits, or baseboard heat can enjoy humidified air in every room of the house.

How do I personalize my humidity control?

There are important recommendations for the amount of humidity your home needs. The best whole-home humidifiers allow you to monitor your humidity and adjust it based on need. To ensure the best operation, our whole-house humidifiers are available with automatic control options. Now you’ll never need to worry if your humidity is at the right level.

All of our humidifiers are compatible with our line of Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ Control. You can manage the humidity level in your home from anywhere with our smartphone app – AprilAire Healthy Air App. It’s the easiest way to protect your home and your family’s health from dry air.

Get the Best Whole-House Humidifier With Our Network of Pros

If your house is hanging you out to dry this winter, contact an AprilAire dealer today.