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FAQs: Get to Know AprilAire Ventilation Control Solutions for Whole Homes

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What is ventilation? Get answers to this and more common inquiries we receive about AprilAire ventilation control solutions. If you require additional assistance or information, please reach out to our talented and knowledgeable customer support team!

What is ventilation and why do I need it?

Ventilation describes the process of bringing fresh air into a home, while sending dirty air up and out. Modern homebuilding practices have continued to make homes more energy efficient, which in turn, allows for less natural airflow in and out of the home. To remedy, AprilAire ventilation control solutions are needed!

Our solutions, which use mechanical ventilation, introduce fresh air into the home by way of a controlled, naturally closed damper. By bringing in fresh outside air, ventilation dilutes the concentration of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), airborne contaminants, and odors present inside the home.

What maintenance does my AprilAire Ventilation Control System require?

After initial installation, your AprilAire Ventilation Control unit should be checked every six months, while your unit’s filter should be checked and cleaned every three months.

What setting should the controller of my AprilAire Ventilation Control system be set at?

The settings of the control should be determined by calculating the amount of ventilation needed in a specific home. This can vary from house to house due to factors like regionality and square footage.

The AprilAire Ventilation Control Model 8126X offers a built-in program, unlike older controllers which require a formula based on size and occupancy. Your local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional will complete this step during installation.

What is an ‘ERV’ and what does it do? Does AprilAire make an ‘HRV?’

There are two distinct types of air exchangers: Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy (or Enthalpy) Recovery Ventilators (ERVs).

In an ERV unit, air is simultaneously moved out of the home and into the home. These two airstreams never mix, but do pass each other through an energy transfer core to efficiently maintain temperature and humidity. These units are an effective way to balance airflow into and out of your home!

Does an AprilAire Ventilation Control Model 8126X need to use a transformer for the damper?

For the Model 8126X, the controller does not transfer power over to the vent terminals.

Why does the ventilation intake need to be ten feet away from an exhaust?

A 10-foot separation reduces the likelihood that stale air is drawn back into the home through the fresh air intake. To follow code, it is required for an intake to be ten feet from any hazardous or noxious contaminants. The most likely qualifying contaminant sources in a home would be plumbing vents and/or combustion exhausts.

Should I use the ‘code’ or ‘comfort’ setting on my AprilAire Ventilation Control unit? What’s the difference?

Your chosen setting depends on how important proper, daily ventilation requirements are to your home’s needs, among other factors like cooking and cleaning frequency and the number of occupants.

The codE (or ‘code’) setting has no RH (or Relative Humidity) limits and any missed ventilation due to temperatures set outside parameters is made up per ASHRAE code 62.2. This will result in no missed daily ventilation requirements.

The cFrt (or ‘comfort) setting adds indoor RH limits to ventilation. Any ventilation missed due to limits is not made up, which may result in missed daily ventilation requirements.

Your local Pro can help you adjust your settings after installation or refer to your owner’s manual for assistance.

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