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AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation FAQs

3 minute read

What is fresh air ventilation and why do I need it?

Ventilation is the term used to describe the process of bringing fresh air into a home. Modern building practices have made homes energy efficient, allowing less natural airflow in and out of the home.

Mechanical ventilation introduces fresh air into the home by way of a controlled, normally closed damper. Bringing in fresh outside air dilutes the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), airborne contaminants, and odors present within the home.

What settings should the controller be set at for my AprilAire ventilation system?

The settings of the controller should be determined by calculating the amount of ventilation needed in a specific house. This will vary from house to house, due to factors such as region of the country and square footage. AprilAire’s new controllers (Model 8126X) have a built-in program, whereas older controllers require a formula based on the size of your home and the number of occupants. This should be completed by your Healthy Air Pro.

Do I need to use a transformer for the damper in the Model 8126X?

Yes, the controller does not transfer power over to the vent terminals.

Should I use the Code or the Comfort setting? What’s the difference?

The answer depends on how important proper daily ventilation requirements are to your home’s needs among other factors like how much cooking you do, how often you clean, and the number of occupants.

codE (Code) – No RH limits and any missed ventilation due to the temperature being outside set parameters is made up per ASHRAE code 62.2. This will result in no missed daily ventilation requirements.

cFrt (Comfort) – Adds indoor RH limits to ventilation; ventilation missed due to limits is not made up. This may result in missed daily ventilation requirements.

For changing these settings after installation, consult your owner’s manual or Healthy Air Pro.

What maintenance is needed?

After installation, an AprilAire ventilation unit that utilizes a filter should be checked and cleaned after three months. After that, the unit should be checked every six months.

What is an ERV and what does it do? Does AprilAire make a HRV?

There are two types of air exchangers: Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy (or Enthalpy) Recovery Ventilators (ERVs). AprilAire currently offers an ERV, which simultaneously moves an equal amount of air out of the home and into the home. The two airstreams never mix but pass each other through an energy transfer core to efficiently maintain temperature and humidity. It is an effective way of way balancing the airflow into and out of the house.

What are the AprilAire Model 8140 and 8145 Ventilation Systems? What are the differences?

The Model 8140 and 8145 are both powered fresh air ventilators. They have a powered fan, powered damper, and a MERV 6 filter. They are primarily installed in new homes where fresh air ventilation is required by building codes. The 8145 was introduced as a successor to the outgoing 8140.

The 8145 is lighter, more durable, and has a lower CFM compared to the 8140 (210 CFM vs. 250 CFM), which greatly improves the unit’s energy efficiency. The 8145 is recognized as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2021. The 8145 also allows for easier filter removal and replacement.

Why does the ventilation intake need to be 10 feet away from an exhaust?

A 10-foot separation reduces the likelihood that stale air is drawn back into the home through the fresh air intake. The code requirement for an intake is that it must be 10 feet from any hazardous or noxious contaminants. The most likely qualifying contaminant sources in a house would be plumbing vents and/or combustion exhausts.


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