Does Your City Have the Cleanest Air in the Nation?

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Does Your City Have the Cleanest Air in the Nation?

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Air quality issues can differ depending on what region you live in. For western states, wildfire smoke is an annual concern. While in the Midwest, you may worry about the impact of tornadoes and extreme weather.

One measure of air quality uses three factors to determine the cleanest air in cities: ozone, year-round particle pollution, and short-term particle pollution.

The American Lung Association reviewed 2020 air quality data from around the country to determine the top 5 clean air cities. Does your city make the list?

Top 5 Clean Air Cities from American Lung Association

In the United States, there were over 100 cities that experienced zero days with high, short-term particle pollution in 2020. From that list, five cities stood out because they also had zero days rated as high in ozone and are among the 25 cities with the lowest year-round particle levels.

(Listed alphabetically)

1. Burlington-South Burlington-Barre, Vermont

2. Charlottesville, Virginia

3. Elmira-Corning, New York

4. Urban Honolulu, Hawaii

5. Wilmington, North Carolina

How To Promote Clean Air in Your Life

Even if your region isn’t represented at the top of the clean air list, there are steps you can take to ensure you and your family are living with clean air in your home.

The AprilAire Healthy Air System® empowers you with the knowledge and resources required to create a Healthy Air environment in your home. Here are the three areas of focus:

Fresh Air Ventilation

Fresh air is essential in clearing out the polluted, stagnant air that can build up indoors. Let in fresh air through windows if the outdoor air is safe, or you can use an AprilAire whole-home ventilation system to mechanically bring in air. Also, make sure to use the ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathroom whenever necessary.

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Air Filtration

Bringing outdoor air into your home requires filtration to remove allergens and other pollutants. Make sure to regularly change the filters in your AprilAire whole-home air purifier to ensure maximum protection.

Humidity Control

Too much humidity can lead to mold and pests. Too little humidity can make your home uncomfortable. With AprilAire humidity control, you can keep your home in the sweet spot of 40—60% humidity to prevent the spread of unhealthy air and avoid overtaxing your heating and cooling systems.

The State of Your Air

On a broader scale that goes beyond your home, the American Lung Association has organized a petition you can sign to encourage the U.S. government to promote environmental justice and create clean air for all.

To stay current on the air quality in your region, use the AprilAire State Of Your Air resource. Start by entering your ZIP code, and you’ll receive personalized information about the air where you live, along with strategies for optimizing your Indoor Air Quality.

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